Why are there two pieces of wonderful cloth in Japanese military caps? 1t’s very useful, not to look good

Japan is a small country, but it is very ambitious. 1n modern times, Japan launched a war of aggression against China and did a lot of outrageous things. We Chinese will never be able to see the pain of Netease. 1 believe you have seen many anti Japanese dramas. 1 don’t know if you have noticed that Japan’s military caps are different from those of other countries, There are two pieces of cloth on their military caps, a bit like curtains. So why do they make two ugly cloth on their military caps? Let’s keep looking down

in ancient Japan, ordinary infantry usually used array hat with sun shade behind it. The modern Japanese army was formed in the Meiji period. 1t was the first to adopt the training methods and clothing styles of the French army. Therefore, some people say that the “fart curtain” is inherited from the French army cap< Many people say that this cloth is used for heating to prevent cold and frostbite, but these two pieces of cloth are very thin, so thin root can not play the role of heating, so since it is not heating, there must be other functions. first, according to the official explanation in Japan, these two pieces of cloth are mainly used to block the sun and prevent mosquitoes from biting into the ears, and also for shading, The founder of this kind of hat was not Japan, but France, which first used it in the North African Legion; 1n the desert area, it is good for preventing the back neck from sunburn Second, there is the prevention of artillery shock. 1n war, it is inevitable that there will be deafening sound of artillery. So these two pieces of cloth are designed to prevent soldiers’ ears from being deafened by the huge sound of artillery firing the third way is to prevent the neck from being scratched by streamers, splashing stones and so on when fighting. Wearing these two pieces of fart curtains has a certain protective effect. Because it’s easy to scratch your skin in bunkers or street battles when you’re hit by bullets or shrapnel, splashed gravel or hard objects, the fart curtain can protect your neck< Fourth, the Japanese army itself is superstitious. They think that when they fight outside, they need something to protect their bodies and their heads. So they make two pieces of cloth on both sides of their ears. For example, the Japanese are afraid of being cut by the Chinese Army's broadsword. These two pieces of cloth just play a role, 1t makes the soldiers feel psychologically difficult to be cut off by the Chinese soldiers' swords. But not afraid of death

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