why can’t antistatic clothing be replaced?

With the rapid development of industrial technology, people’s demand for product quality is also growing. This also allows us to improve the quality of production. General work clothes can carry high static electricity, and the static voltage value of clothes has greatly exceeded the damage threshold of many electrostatic sensitive devices when people carry out various activities, so it is possible to damage sensitive devices when touching or approaching these devices. Do you have to use antistatic clothing

the above is true. We must use anti-static overalls. People usually think that wearing pure cotton work clothes can prevent the accumulation of static electricity, so it is safe. 1n fact, this view is one-sided, only when the relative humidity of the air is higher than 50%; When the relative humidity is relatively low, the electrification of pure cotton products increases significantly

the relevant tests show that when the relative humidity is less than 30%, the charge capacity of pure cotton fabric is equivalent to that of polyester fabric; When the relative humidity is less than 20%, the electric capacity of cotton fabric is even higher than that of some chemical fiber fabrics. Therefore, in dry climate areas, we can not expect to replace the anti-static work clothes with pure cotton work clothes under any circumstances

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