Why did Hejin Power Generation Company replace the thread gloves with nitrile gloves

“1n the third quarter, the labor protection products were distributed to everyone. This time, the labor protection is slightly different from the past, that is, the gloves are changed from the original thread gloves to nitrile gloves.” Hejin Power Generation Branch Coal Quality 1nspection Center staff said happily

nitrile gloves can protect skin better than thread gloves. 1n the acceptance of coal quality, it is necessary to grasp the coal by hand for identification. Although wearing thread gloves, the effect of protecting hands is negligible. Pulverized coal is easy to drill through the gloves, stick to the hands and damage the skin. The foamed nitrile on the nitrile gloves can prevent the coal powder from penetrating the gloves and protect the skin

nitrile gloves are more reliable than thread gloves. 1n the work, the wear resistance of thread gloves is poor, and they are easy to be stabbed by sharp objects. After washing for several times, they are damaged and can not be used. The foamed nitrile coating on nitrile gloves can not only prevent hands from being stabbed, but also has good wear resistance and longer service life

nitrile gloves are warmer than thread gloves. At the beginning of cold weather, when working outdoors with wire gloves touching metal, the cold metal instantly penetrates the gloves, and with nitrile gloves, it will never feel like this again

in a word, nitrile gloves have different advantages than thread gloves. They are more suitable for the needs of work. Although the change of gloves is only a slight change, it reflects the company’s deep love and care for employees(Key words: nitrile gloves

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