Why do food and beverage enterprises use blue band aids?

The band aid is also known as benzalkonium chloride paste, commonly known as bactericidal elastic band aid. The American shichku protection band aid adds special drug ingredients of sp. the glue on both sides plays the role of fixation and compression, and the small dot in the middle plays the role of ventilation, preventing skin itching or allergy after long-time application

in order to meet the needs of food and beverage enterprises, we have developed a blue metal detectable band aid, which meets the FDA ce0197 standard

why use blue

blue food is less, even if it falls into the food, it is easier to see, and the blue band aid contains metal components

correct usage of band aid

before using band aid, check whether there is dirt in the wound. The band aid should be kept dry and fresh, and should be replaced immediately after wetting. Otherwise, it is equivalent to immersing the wound in water, which not only does not play a protective role, but also becomes a hotbed for bacteria breeding, which is not conducive to wound healing

the use time of band aid should not be too long, because the outer layer of adhesive tape is airtight, which can lead to secondary infection of the wound. 1n addition, when sticking, the tightness should be moderate. 1f it is too tight, the wound will become airtight and cause anaerobic infection. 1t is also easy to block the blood circulation of the injured part and cause ischemic necrosis

band aid is only suitable for small wounds that are superficial, do not need to be sutured, clean and tidy, and have little bleeding. For deep and narrow wounds, such as those caused by iron nails and knife tips, bandages should not be used. 1nstead, the wound should be exposed after hemostasis to prevent tetanus infection

if the wound has been infected or festered, and there is pus or secretion on the wound, the application of band aid will only cause poor drainage of secretion, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria; Before debridement, band aid should not be used for wounds with severe trauma; Burns or tinea pedis and other inflammatory wounds, also not suitable for the use of band aids

tips for the storage and purchase of band aids:

1. Pay attention to store the band aids in a special medicine box or bag, and keep them in airtight condition to avoid direct sunlight or damp

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