Why do rubber gloves always break? Why does rubber age easily?

the latex gloves we usually use are actually natural rubber products, but it has two weaknesses: the oil resistance and heat resistance of rubber are not very strong

if the gloves are used under high temperature every day, and the greasy gloves are not cleaned immediately after cleaning, the aging of gloves will be accelerated over a long period of time

because the molecular structure of natural rubber is very similar to that of oil, it is easy for each other to enter into each other’s pores. This is what we often call the phenomenon of similar dissolving. So when the oil remains on the gloves for a long time, it will slowly dissolve the gloves and accelerate its aging

therefore, when washing things with gloves, it is necessary to avoid hot water and oil stains, otherwise the latex gloves will be aging rapidly

however, some people have said that our latex gloves not only become soft and sticky, but also become brittle and hard sometimes, which is also easy to break. Why is that

in fact, there are two kinds of aging of natural rubber. 1f you often contact with oil and hot water, it will become soft and sticky. But if you don’t clean your gloves in time or often expose to the sun, it will become hard and brittle

in addition, plastic products such as plastic bottles and milk bottles and rubber products such as gloves are all polymer materials in nature. Here to remind you, in the use and maintenance should pay attention to: the first is to avoid long-term contact with high temperature and oil; Second, after use must be cleaned in time, in a ventilated place dry in the shade, must not be exposed to the sun

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