Why do some workers wear slippers at work? The importance of safety shoes has been ignored for a long time

As for labor protection articles, most people first think of safety helmets, safety belts and gloves, while safety shoes and safety boots, which are used to protect workers’ feet, are often ignored. 1n fact, when workers use tools, operate machines and carry materials, their feet will touch heavy, hard and angular objects at any time, so that they will be smashed, stabbed or crushed; Moreover, if the feet do not stand firmly, the body will lose its balance and change the normal working posture, thus causing accidents. Therefore, the safety equipment to protect feet is very important

do you know the function of protective shoes

at present, the more common protective shoes include: safety shoes, insulating shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel-making shoes and shoe covers, cold proof shoes, etc. in addition, there are protective shoes suitable for road construction workers with heat insulation soles, construction workers with reinforced soles, food workers and wine workers with moisture-proof soles, etc. The functions of protective shoes are mainly set according to the working environment and conditions. Generally, they have the functions of anti-skid, anti puncture and anti extrusion. 1n addition, they have specific functions, such as anti conductivity and anti-corrosion

safety protective shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety protective shoes has high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, mechanical equipment, etc. at present, many domestic shoe-making enterprises with certain scale and grade have turned their attention to safety protective shoes, which used to be occupied by developed countries. According to the meaning of safety shoes, it can be known that it has a variety of protection functions:

1. The lining of safety shoes for toe protection is steel wrap, which has static pressure resistance and impact resistance, stab resistance and smash resistance, and is very safe. After inspection, the pressure resistance is 10kN, and the impact resistance of toe is 23kg. After the impact hammer falls freely from 900mm height, the deformation gap inside the shoes is ≥ 15mm, 1t is mainly used in mining, machinery, construction safety, metallurgy, iron and steel, port hoisting and other heavy industries

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