Why do you have to wear a dust mask

Why do we have to wear dust masks in industrial production? Let’s first understand what productive dust is

what is productive dust? Generally speaking, it is the solid particles produced in the production process and can float in the air of the production environment for a long time. The harm of productive dust to human body is multifaceted, but the most prominent harm is in the lungs. Due to the different nature and chemical composition of dust, the harm to the lungs is very different. According to the performance of the victims, the lung diseases caused by dust can be divided into three situations< The first is pneumoconiosis. This is one of the major occupational diseases, which has been listed as a statutory occupational disease in China. This disease is caused by long-term inhalation of high concentration of productive dust, causing systemic disease characterized by pulmonary fibrosis. There are many kinds of pneumoconiosis, including silicosis, asbestosis, talc, mica, coal, coal silicosis and carbon pneumoconiosis the second type is pneumoconiosis, which is caused by inhaling some metallic dust or other dust and causing dust to settle in the lung tissue, thus presenting foreign body reaction, which is less harmful than pneumoconiosis the third is the lung pathological reaction and allergic diseases caused by dust. This kind of disease is mainly caused by organic dust, such as cotton dust, hemp dust, fur dust, wood dust, etc< The first is the chemical composition and properties of the dust. The dust with high content of free silica is more harmful than the dust with low content. Dust containing free silica is more harmful than dust without free silica. The second is the particle size of dust. Generally speaking, large particles of dust are easy to fall, drift in the air for a short time, and are not easy to be inhaled, so they will not cause harm in addition, the solubility of dust in lung tissue, the specific gravity, shape and hardness of dust are related to the harm to human body. 1s the worker that is engaged in dust job met occurrence harm? The key lies in the quality of protection, often pay attention to protection, can reduce the harm to the minimum, or even completely control and eliminate the harm of dust. Comprehensive measures should be taken to prevent dust, mainly from the following aspects prevention of pneumoconiosis is very beneficial to the health of workers and the development of economy. China has many creative experiences in dust prevention, such as wet operation, closed dust source, ventilation and dust removal, personal protection, equipment maintenance and repair, determination of dust concentration in the air, and vigorously carrying out publicity and education. The concentration in the production environment is often related to the cleaning system, so paying attention to the cleaning of the environment and implementing cleaning can effectively reduce the dust concentration 1. Strengthen organizational leadership, formulate dust prevention rules and regulations, and set up full-time and part-time personnel to guarantee organizationally. Strict health examination should be carried out for the employees. All the active tuberculosis inside and outside the lung and various respiratory diseases (rhinitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc.) should not be exposed to dust. Workers in contact with dust should have regular physical examination every year. 1f pneumoconiosis is found, they should be transferred to work immediately and treated actively2. Gradually reform the production process and production equipment, carry out wet operation mode, reduce the dust flying 3. Reduce the dust concentration in the air, seal the machinery to prevent the dust from escaping, and adopt ventilation exhaust device and air purification dust removal equipment to reduce the dust in the workshop below the national occupational exposure limit 4. Strengthen personal health protection. Dust operators should wear work clothes and work caps to reduce the exposed parts of the body. According to the nature of dust, they should choose to wear a variety of dust masks to prevent dust from being inhaled from the respiratory tract and causing harm through the above introduction, we can understand why we have to wear dust masks in industrial production China labor insurance net

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