Why hospital work clothes are white

First of all, white clean color, patients are suitable for treatment in a clean environment, and white work clothes can create a clean feeling. 1f the work clothes are a little dirty, it can be found immediately to show the cleanliness of the hospital, so it’s better to choose white. We are used to the word “angel in white”

Second, doctors working in hospitals are very particular about anti-virus and cleaning, because patients come in and out of hospitals, and there are all kinds of situations, so hospitals are also the places with the most bacteria. Generally, hospitals regularly give workers work clothes, the first thing is to do cleaning and disinfection, and the disinfectants used will discolor the clothes, and the white work clothes are convenient, 1t won’t fade

Third: choose white work clothes, and because white looks soft, it is not easy to stimulate the nerves of patients, because everyone will wear white clothes, it is estimated that relatively few people hate white

Fourth: but in hospitals, not all of them choose white. For example, green is generally the color of emergency department and operating room. Choosing green means green channel. For serious diseases, they will choose powder color clothes. Moreover, these special color clothes are not connected to each other like ordinary white coats, but separated. They are all chosen for the convenience of work

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