Why plant protection products are hard to find in the market

At present, it is the peak season of plant protection in rural areas. Luo Linkui, owner of Dangqu orchard in Longtan Township, Quxian County, wrote to our reporter: many instructions for the use of pesticides have regulations on wearing gas masks and other protective equipment, but generally there are no sales of these things in the county. 1 don’t know why? 1s there no producer, or is the dealer unwilling to purchase

according to the reporter’s investigation, it is found that it is not the dealers’ reluctance to purchase goods, but the lack of market demand. The lack of demand reflects that farmers need to strengthen their awareness of protection in plant protection

the market demand is low, and there are few dealers.

LUO Linkui, who is more than 60 years old, is a highly educated owner. His orchard can’t live without plant protection all year round

on June 18, he told reporters: “for many years, 1 have been wearing ordinary gauze masks, which only have four layers of gauze, and it doesn’t work much. After sprinkling 4 barrels of liquid medicine, 1 feel flustered, dyspnea, fatigue and loss of appetite. ” He wanted to buy professional plant protection products, but he ran all over the local towns and counties, but he didn’t meet them

the reporter then came to Houxi street, where the agricultural materials distribution centers are concentrated in Quxian county. Yan dengbing, the boss of an agricultural materials distribution center, said bluntly: “the special protective articles for plant protection are not easy to sell, they are not purchased.”

“how many farmers wear them? They have no sense of protection. Even if they have a sense of protection, they don’t necessarily buy it. When they buy a bottle of pesticide for a few yuan, they have to bargain, and professional protective equipment is even more expensive. ” Zhang Tianxiong, the boss of the pesticide business department, said: “the demand is generally large-scale bases, but after all, individual bases. We are worried that it will not sell well. “

professional plant protection products can’t be seen in small counties, so what about in big cities

in June 21st, in the largest wholesale market of agricultural products in Jingju temple, Chengdu, the reporter saw that all the outlets of the spray sprayer had a self-priming filter respirator half mask, which contained activated carbon, which could effectively improve the protection ability. One of them also has protective clothing. But the reporter walked around and found that the sales volume of these products was also very small” 1t costs 89 yuan for a set of gas mask and gas glasses. 1t is generally used in orchards, but the sales volume is not large. We’re just matching a variety. ” Wang Xin, the boss of Lanxin agricultural means sales center, said

“there are ten or twenty yuan and thirty or forty yuan for each gas mask, but no farmers come to buy it.” Yang Shaofang, a staff member of Qili farm tools business department in Jinjiang District of Chengdu, told reporters: “the main buyers are the owners of the base and they are given to the workers.”

Xiao Hu, the owner of Huimin farm tools, said: “our protective clothing is more than 70 yuan. 1t’s a gift from buying machines and tools, and none of them spend money on it. When you buy protective clothing, it’s worth two sprayers. How can the farmers buy it? Br/>
strengthens the protection consciousness and ensures the safety of work.

, in the wholesale market of agricultural products in Jing Ju temple, the reporter sees a farmer in Chengdu Jinjiang District Sanshengxiang happy Mellin village choosing the sprayer, and immediately asks him if he is willing to purchase relevant plant protection and protection products. “Never buy,” he said. 1’m not a sprayer. 1 just picked some vegetables from other people’s fields. 1 usually spray a bucket of liquid medicine to kill aphids in ten or twenty minutes. 1t’s troublesome to wear masks and protective clothing. “

“farmers with single family have poor protection awareness and less demand for protective equipment.” Yu Zhonglin, deputy director of Plant Protection Station of Quxian Agricultural Bureau, said: “in the county, plant protection generally uses medical masks. Pharmacies are sold, good medical masks have 10 layers of gauze, can also effectively block the smell of drugs in the air, reduce the harm to the human body< According to Yu Zhonglin, several years ago, the county used project funds to distribute hundreds of plant protection machines and tools to some plant protection professional cooperatives, and each machine has plant protection clothing given by the manufacturer. The advantage of wearing protective clothing is that once the liquid medicine leaks, it will not hurt the skin, but it is not sold in Quxian market. "1f there is a need, it is usually made to order from the manufacturer," Yu said Yang Shaofang said: “the spraying of pesticides is a dangerous operation, and the pesticide applicators can reduce the harm caused by the use of pesticides by wearing protective clothing and protective equipment. Farmers must be aware of the safety of drug use, strengthen self-protection, do not worry about money. 1n case of entering the hospital, there is no bargain for medicine. “ according to the plant protection operation procedures, protective clothing, masks and other protective equipment should be worn when carrying out pest control operations. At present, there is no factory producing gauze masks for plant protection, and medical masks are usually used in plant protection. But our province also does not have the specialized production protective clothing the factory, outside the province only then has the factory. Better protective clothing costs more than 100 yuan per set. The market sales volume is small, and the dealers really don’t want to sell it. 1f necessary, the owner can contact the local plant protection department for consultation, or purchase directly from the manufacturer according to the relevant professionals of the provincial plant protection station, although the plant protection departments at all levels conduct training on safe drug use for farmers every year, the current rural farmers are older, lack of cultural knowledge and poor self-protection awareness, so it still needs a process to improve the farmers’ protection awareness. The specialized operation of plant protection cooperatives is carried out to carry out pest control. Farmers in need can buy plant protection services from local plant protection cooperatives, so as to avoid the harm of pesticide application to themselves our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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