Why should workers wear protective glasses when welding

We often see workers on the construction site wearing protective glasses when welding. Why

when welding, the arc light emitted is high in heat and brightness, which directly causes burns to eyes. When this kind of arc light shines on the eye, it will cause damage to the cell tissue on the surface of the eye, and the epidermal cells will fall off. As a result, there is no protective film on the surface. The eyes will feel pain like a knife cutting, shed tears, can’t open their eyes, afraid of light, especially at night, even more painful. 1t is called electro-optic ophthalmia in medicine. This is rarely the case for real welders, because they have received on-the-job training and education and know how to protect themselves. Most of them are assistants who help work. Onlookers, especially children, are most likely to suffer from this kind of injury

after the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, the patient will go to the emergency department of the hospital due to great pain. 1n fact, people with this knowledge, as long as they find this kind of situation, quickly find a lactating lesbian, squeeze out some human milk and drip it into the eyes, the symptoms will soon disappear, and human milk can also play the role of protective film to help the inner eye epidermal cells grow better

sometimes, when a patient comes to the hospital for emergency treatment, the doctor often gives some anesthetics to relieve the pain, which is only a temporary expedient. After applying anesthetic, the eyes will lose the sense of external stimulation and the ability of protection, which is very dangerous. Every doctor must tell the patient clearly and wear protective glasses to prevent sandstorm and foreign bodies from entering the eyes and causing new injuries

when welding workers are working, do not damage their eyes in order to watch the scene without protection. 1t’s not worth it

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