Why the hospital doesn’t take protective clothing for filming?

member Chen Shaohua suggested that the competent authorities should introduce compulsory measures

New Express News (reporter Huang Qiong, Li Silu, Liu Zhengxu, Chen Hongyan, Li Yongqi, pan Zhizhen) “in Hong Kong, we have to wear a lot of protective clothing for photos, but we don’t wear it in the mainland. Why are there regulations not implemented?” 1n his speech at the meeting yesterday, member Chen Shaohua said frankly that hospital photos are too harmful to health and should wear protective clothing according to regulations

Chen Shaohua said that medical radiation such as X-ray does great harm to human body, human eyes, thyroid gland and gonad, and even more harm to newborns and children. The state has written regulations that protective clothing should be worn when taking photos of hospitals, but mainland hospitals do not. According to its survey, the number of people exposed to radiation in China is 300 times that in the UK, while the radiation risk of CT is 400 times higher than that of ordinary photography, “350 out of 10 million Chinese people cause cancer.”

“a set of protective clothing costs several thousand yuan, which is not too expensive compared with medical equipment that costs millions of yuan…” Chen Shaohua said, is it “afraid of trouble and affecting the efficiency of medical treatment” for mainland hospitals to refuse to use protective clothing

“in Hong Kong hospitals, if patients are not provided with protective clothing, their licenses will be revoked.” 1n this regard, Chen Shaohua suggested that the relevant competent departments should introduce compulsory measures to urge hospitals to wear protective clothing for patients, and at the same time, hospitals should do their duty to prompt and inform patients of the harm of photos. 1n addition, it is suggested that the number of times and conditions for clinicians to open photos should be limited, so as to avoid hospitals opening unnecessary photos for profit

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