Why use electrostatic filter dust mask

there are many kinds of filter materials for dust masks, including ordinary fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc. At present, the filter material of dust mask which is very popular and popular in the world is a kind of synthetic non-woven fabric material after electrostatic treatment

why should the filter material of dust mask be treated by static electricity

the structure of the gauze mask has poor tightness with human face. Many tiny particles that do great harm to us will enter the respiratory tract and lungs through the gap between the mask and face. Most of its filter materials are mechanical cotton fabrics. The only way for this filter material to achieve high dust suppression efficiency is to increase the thickness, which will increase the respiratory resistance of users, Discomfort such as poor breathing

the non-woven fabric after electrostatic treatment can not only block a large number of dust particles, but also the electrostatic charge attached to its surface can absorb the fine dust through electrostatic attraction, achieving high dust resistance efficiency. However, the thickness of the filter material is very thin, which greatly reduces the breathing resistance of the user and makes the user feel comfortable, so as to achieve the three necessary conditions for a good filter material mentioned above

with a good filter material and a scientifically designed dust-proof structure, an efficient and high-quality dust-proof mask is formed. The dust-proof mask with electrostatic filter cotton material can not only provide users with convenient and comfortable use, but also effectively protect personal respiratory health

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