Winning by quality is the only way for export shoe enterprises

in recent years, due to the economic downturn, domestic footwear and clothing enterprises have taken “low price” to attack the market. 1n the economic crisis, low price strategy has become the first choice for many shoe and clothing exporters, which is their ticket to enter the international market. As we all know, the low price of domestic labor force and the grade of product quality determine the opportunity of exporting shoes and clothing, and make use of the strategy of low commodity price to gain a temporary advantage in the international market. However, survival of the fittest is the natural law of the shoe and clothing market. At the same time, it also determines that the shoe and clothing products in the international market must have high technology content and excellent quality. 1n the future, we hope to continue to use products with inferior quality and low price, which will face an increasingly narrow road. Some export shoe and clothing businesses rely on “low price” products to earn bucket after bucket of gold. However, “success in the first battle” is only a primary development process of the market. With the upgrading of domestic footwear and clothing industry structure, “low price” strategy is no longer the advantage and sharp weapon of export footwear enterprises. “Trade friction” incidents occur frequently. Spain and EU countries are racking their brains for this. First, the shoe burning incident in Spain, Then, the European Trade Commission has introduced one regulatory policy after another for all “made in China” products. As everyone knows, it is precisely because of the low price derived from the low quality that led to the emergence of this series of tragedies

the tragedy has alerted the domestic export shoe enterprises that if they want to “go out” and expand the international market, they must present products with more scientific and technological content. Only in this way can they base themselves on the market, increase and improve the gold content of circulating commodities, lay a solid bridge for future trade, and truly integrate into the ocean of Global trade< Recently, the first China industrial product quality reputation forum was held in Beijing. We learned that the forum officially launched the "global quality commitment activity for Chinese industrial enterprises". As representatives of Wenzhou private enterprises, Kangnai Group and Delixi Group, together with more than 150 enterprises across the country, launched the global quality and reputation commitment initiative, joined in the "global quality and reputation commitment activity", implemented total quality management, actively adopted appropriate advanced quality standards, provided satisfactory products and services for global consumers, and comprehensively established the image of "made in China". Kangnai has always been the representative of private enterprises in Wenzhou. Kangnai has also taken the lead in improving the quality in an all-round way. 1t has become one of the earliest enterprises to implement the brand strategy in the domestic leather shoes industry. Later, it won the first national quality award in China's shoe industry, and has become the representative of China's high-end leather shoes manufacturing there is no doubt that in today’s era of resource shortage and competition turning to quality, China’s export shoe enterprises need to reshuffle more. They should work hard from the business model, efficiency and product quality, rather than just stay in the price war and resource war. Those shoemaking enterprises with technological content and core competitiveness will stand out and become stronger and more competitive after integration

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