Winter training in Harbin Police area

since January 12, more than 150 people from the head of the organization, the reserve chemical protection regiment and some people’s armed forces departments of Harbin Police District have carried out a four-day field training exercise with equipment and equipment, wearing professional gas masks, which has improved the ability of officers, soldiers and militia reserve personnel to carry out diversified tasks under the harsh conditions of high cold

in this field winter training, the Party committee of the garrison district has always focused on the needs of combat, emergency, rescue, stability maintenance, security and other tasks, focused on practical combat and case-based throughout the whole time, adhered to the idea of being strict with difficulties, studying while training, and promoting construction by training, and made efforts to deepen understanding, explore practice and improve emergency response ability, which has achieved remarkable results

in the process of training, the combined implementation of marching operations under the conditions of narrow road in forest area, slope road in mountain area, open ice snow road, etc. can meet the training needs to the greatest extent, effectively stimulate the potential of officers and soldiers, sharpen the will of the army, and improve the operation ability of the army to vehicle equipment and professional equipment under complex alpine conditions. On the 13th, when officers and soldiers of the chemical prevention regiment were on the spot, some commonly used equipment failed several times due to insufficient battery power supply and reduced sensitivity at low temperature. After careful consideration in the evening, Li Peng, a sergeant of the repair Office of the regiment, was inspired by the double shell principle of the thermos cup, and made a simple thermos, which can not only operate normally in the cold conditions, but also greatly increase the use time. 1n terms of training content, the Party committee of the garrison district has carefully set up more than 10 training and exercise subjects, such as map recognition and use, construction camouflage, night marching, communication equipment operation, rapid mobilization and assembly, anti enemy air attack, and through artillery strike, so as to achieve the purpose of training command, cooperation, skills and support

during the winter training, the temperature in the field reached nearly 40 degrees below zero, but the hot training scene of the army was in sharp contrast to the cold climate. Commander Sun Gang and political commissar Zhao Qingyang of the garrison district have always been on the front line, eating, living, training and acting together with officers and soldiers, taking the lead and setting an example. The officers and soldiers participating in the training are more enthusiastic, not afraid of cold, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, charging ahead, reflecting the indomitable style of being able to endure hardships and fight. According to statistics, in this winter training, on the icy road in cold weather, all the soldiers marched by motorcycle for more than 230 kilometers; 1n the knee deep mountains and forests, the soldiers marched on foot for more than 70 kilometers with a weight of 20 kg, which tempered the sense of command, indomitable will and fighting style of the officers and soldiers and the militia reserves

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