With the rapid development of taxi software, safety supervision cannot be absent

From the end of the year of the snake to the beginning of the year of the horse, “kuaidi” and “didi” taxi softwares have made a lot of money in the taxi industry. The “not bad money” subsidy activities of the two companies have made taxi drivers a lot of money. At the same time, they have also made passengers spend a cent on lying down. This kind of thing has become a reality when the starting price is less than 78 yuan or more than 10 yuan

since this month, the media has repeatedly reported that the use of taxi software in many parts of the country has led to a surge in traffic accidents, refusal to carry “beckoning and blocking people”, disruption of market order, etc. Should the government be in charge of such a new thing with a little “negative energy”? No! Of course 1 have to! At this time, if we don’t step up supervision quickly, 1’m afraid we can’t escape the accusation of job vacancy

before the management, we must be clear that the taxi software itself is not the culprit of the above adverse effects. Software is originally a tool, it does not have the function of making bad influence and bad result. Just like the kitchen knife is originally used to cut vegetables, but some people use it to commit crimes. There is no fault in the kitchen knife itself. The fault is the person who uses the kitchen knife

with the development of taxi software, there are many kinds of social symptoms in the use process, which must be controlled; But as a new thing, the positive influence of taxi software on taxi industry can not be ignored

in fact, the reason why taxi software can develop at such a rapid speed, and produce many good and bad effects, from another point of view, also reflects the lag and lack of foresight of the work of the competent departments of the government, Before the prosperity of taxi software, we have fully foreseen the possible problems in its development process. 1’m afraid today’s problems are not problems

for the current taxi software, strict control measures such as prohibition and suppression are by no means reasonable and positive ways to solve the problem. On the one hand, banning and cracking down on taxi software will disgust the majority of taxi software vested interests, and do not meet the basic requirements of the market economy; On the other hand, rough and simple strict control should not be the government’s attitude towards new things

therefore, it is suggested that the government departments should adopt the management mode of “blocking and Dredging” to deal with this new thing with mixed reputation

in terms of “blocking”, the competent authorities strengthen supervision, urge the taxi companies to strengthen internal management and daily inspection, and strangle the unsafe behavior of drivers who rob tickets illegally in the embryonic stage. Taxi companies and drivers should take necessary administrative measures to punish traffic accidents caused by distracted use of taxi Hailing software, so as to ensure that the taxi industry will not be in chaos due to the “mixing” of taxi Hailing software

“sparse” aspect, the competent government departments actively take the lead, together with relevant departments, software companies, taxi companies, etc., to formulate and promulgate laws and regulations, rules and regulations, industry standards, etc. to standardize the use of taxi software as soon as possible, so as to ensure that the use of software has laws and regulations to follow; Actively guide software vendors to carry out technical innovation in software and order grabbing terminal, strive to realize that drivers can’t grab orders in the process of driving as soon as possible, and improve the intrinsic safety of software

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