women didn’t hear about uniform work clothes when they started work, but they were deducted clothing fees when they left

When 1 first entered the company, 1 didn’t hear that 1 wanted to buy uniform. When 1 left the company, 1 was told that 80% of the production cost of uniform would be deducted from my salary. This deduction is more than 900 yuan

the day before yesterday, Xiao Chen published his experience on the Oriental forum, “a month’s salary is only 3000 yuan, some people have been deducted 1200 yuan, nearly half of which is gone…” yesterday, the reporter interviewed Xiao Chen

the former employee was very upset

less than a year after joining the company, he proposed to leave the company

the company deducted her more than 900 yuan clothing fee

from July to September last year, Xiao Chen had an internship in a company in Yinzhou. When she became a regular worker in September, the company said that she would be equipped with uniform work clothes, which were divided into summer clothes and winter clothes, with a total of 1500 yuan, because it was autumn at that time, Xiao Chen only made a winter suit, worth 1130 yuan

“winter clothes are a suit jacket, two shirts, a skirt, a pair of trousers and a tie. 1 think it’s too expensive for 1130 yuan,” says Xiao Chen. At first, he said it would be tailored, but later he found that the factory just came to the company to measure the size of the workers, and then issued finished work clothes in s, m and l sizes according to the size, The clothes don’t have any trademarks

originally, Xiao Chen didn’t expect to charge, so she put it on. Until recently, she proposed to leave. She was asked to fill out a resignation form, which stated that 80% of the clothing production fee should be deducted when settling her salary

“later, 1 went to ask for a clear answer, saying that if 1 leave within half a year after receiving work clothes, 80% of the expenses will be deducted; 1f it is less than one year from receiving clothes to leaving, the proportion will be reduced to 50%; 1t seems that she left the company after three years, and the work clothes will be given to you… “Xiao Chen said that there are five or six employees who have been deducted like her, and she is still good, because she only received winter clothes, and some employees of both sets have been deducted 1200 yuan

they also asked the company for the invoice, but the company said that the invoice could be sent by the factory, but the full production cost would be deducted from the salary. Some employees even didn’t open or wear the work clothes after they got them, and they wanted to return them, but the suit coat, trousers and skirt couldn’t be returned…

in this regard, Little Chen man complained: “how can a company force employees to pay for work clothes? What’s more, we didn’t make it clear when we joined the company and didn’t sign any agreement. We didn’t tell us to pay the money until we left the company. 1t’s really depressing that my salary is not high and so much has been deducted all of a sudden. “

the company said that there was no problem

clothing was free after one year’s work

it was explained when making work clothes

a media spokesman of the company interviewed reporters yesterday afternoon about the complaints of the employees who left the company

the spokesman said that since the company had some businesses related to finance and overseas markets and required employees to wear uniform, uniform clothing was started in July and August last year. He told reporters that although the content of work clothes was not involved in the labor contract (there was no uniform work clothes at that time), the OA (Office) system and the company’s work group had a corresponding explanation when making work clothes

“the content related to the work clothes management system shows that if the working time is less than one year, the production cost of the work clothes that the employees need to bear can be priced at discretion; 1f you have worked for one year, the clothes are free. Our personnel and administrative departments have explained to the employees when they are measuring the size of their employment. “

“although the discretionary pricing is specified, the specific company’s commitment and the employee’s commitment are not specified in advance, are they?”

“yes, the proportion is now set.” He said

lawyer’s view

lawyer: the employee should not bear the cost

can the company’s practice be supported by law? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter consulted Ji Sitao, a lawyer from Beijing Weiheng (Ningbo) law firm, who held a negative opinion on this< First of all, according to Article 9 of the labor contract law, "when employing workers, the employer shall not collect property from the workers in other names". Therefore, the collection of work clothes, clothing or work clothes is in violation of the law< Secondly, from the perspective of legal theory, if the work clothes must be used in the process of work, the work clothes belong to the necessary working conditions, and the unit must provide them free of charge; 1f the work clothes are not necessary, but for the company's mental outlook and corporate culture, in this case, it is also the company that benefits from the work clothes, and the company should bear the corresponding costs therefore, no matter from the perspective of law or legal theory, the company’s practice is wrong

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