Women love to find fault

“Do you have the recorder, operation ticket, work ticket and application form with you?”

“before using insulating gloves, be sure to check whether the gloves are damaged, don’t be troublesome!”

every time before going off the site, the operation and maintenance personnel of State Grid Jinjiang power supply company in Fujian Province can hear such “nagging”. This nagging elder sister is the excellent production worker of the company, Wu Huiying, the safety officer of Qingyang operation and maintenance station. On Decembe2, Xiaoshi and Xiaolin, who were going to switch on the spot at the 110 kV Guishan substation in Jinjiang, were “washed” again

the reason why Wu Huiying is called “woman man” is that she “doesn’t love red makeup and work clothes”. She always wears work clothes all the year round. She does all the hard work, whether it’s on-site maintenance or inspection of tools and instruments; Whether it’s eating or resting, as long as she receives the dispatching call, she will rush to the scene at the first time to check the fault or arrange the operation

women love to “find fault”. Every time they check, Wu Huiying carries out a “carpet search” and carefully checks every place, even the corners

once, operators Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Zhang came back from an inspection tour of 110 kV Andiao substation and said that they could smell a peculiar smell outside the main control room, but they found no problem after careful search. After hearing this, Wu Huiying immediately put down the work at hand and went to the site to check. He once again checked the cable trench in the equipment box, switch room and protection room of the substation, and checked the sealing of each outlet cable hole one by one. She patrolled the substation several times and found that a mouse had been stuck to the board and died in a hidden place under the stairs. She immediately cleaned it up, and called the staff to check and reinforce the blocking of the whole station, so as to ensure that the blocking line of the substation is strengthened, and further strengthen the line of defense of safety production management of the substation

another time, at the construction site of 110 kV Anduo substation, the 10 kV handcart switch needed for operation has been pulled to the test position, and the operation indicator has been on. Just as the operators were preparing for the next operation, Wu hunying suddenly found that the sign on the handcart switch was missing. She judged that the sign might fall in the gap between the handcart switch and the door, which would cause the handcart switch to be “false in place”, that is, the handcart switch is not fully in place, but the indicator light is on, which is easy to cause the false alarm of the protection device and the position mismatch between the background and the scene. She immediately asked to stop the operation, opened the cabinet door and found that the sign was stuck between the handcart switch and the door. Huiying takes out the sign and pastes it again, indicating that the operation will continue

on weekdays, Wu hunying has a good temper, but once she steps on her “land mine”, her temper will come up. There is only one “mine” for her, which is related to security

once, Xiao Wu and Xiao Lin, the operators on duty, transferred a 10KV feeder for maintenance. After the operation, it was more than one o’clock in the afternoon. Hungry Xiao Wu put his tools beside him and was ready to eat. Wu Huiying saw it and immediately asked, “why didn’t the tools and instruments be put away?”

“now 1’m in a hurry to have dinner, and 1 have to use it when the power is delivered. Why do you put it away?” Xu is hungry and tired, and Xiao Wu’s tone is a little blunt

“the security measures have been completed, and these tools have no impact here. Why should they be so serious?” The guardian, Xiao Lin, is making a comeback

Wu Huiying also understands that everyone is very tired at this time, so she restrains her temper and takes the initiative to clean up the tools. At the same time, she patiently explains that if the tools are not returned in time, they are easy to be missed in the inventory. 1f they are forgotten to take them back after being busy, it will cause potential safety hazards

after listening to Hui Ying’s words, Wu Xiaolin felt embarrassed and helped to clean up together. Since then, everyone has formed a safety awareness of “where to go back and forth for tools and instruments”. Pay attention to every detail, and really achieve safety without trifles

people often ask Hun Ying that public affairs are not her own business. Why do you always pick the bone in the egg to find fault? This is not only hard to please, but also easy to offend others. Hun Ying said that it would be too expensive to make up for a bloody accident. 1nstead of learning failure experience and punishing violators, it is better to do a good job of prevention before the accident. Do safety work, is to develop the habit of “love to find fault”

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