Work clothes you can wear after work

The post-90s college students, in the eyes of many people, are still a group of children who have not grown up. However, the 24-year-old Wuhan Ya Zhang Kai started a clothing design trade company after graduation, and has made millions in less than a year

on January 17, Zhang Kai, the pioneer of entrepreneurship, met many college students’ entrepreneurs in the college students’ entrepreneurship Park of Wuhan University of technology. He said that his freshman goal was to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and he also took part in the job fair and got a well paid offer when he was a senior, and finally chose to start a business” When you are young, you have to be brave to try different ways. This is the privilege of youth. “

Wuhan aitekai Clothing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating fashion design, production and sales. 1ts main products include office work clothes, enterprise work clothes, T-Shirts, school uniforms, etc. Aitkai’s definition of work clothes and uniform is not “make do with” wearing at work, but like fashion, it is tailor-made for professionals and can be worn after work

starting from Hanzheng Street, Zhang Kai starts his business from the first semester of his junior year. 1n October 2011, he and his roommate, who majored in international trade in Hubei University of economics, saw an advertisement on the 1nternet: they could spend dozens of yuan to make personalized T-shirts, which could be printed with whatever they wanted to say or draw. 1t is the age of personality publicity, and the price is not expensive, roommates happily decided to buy one each

after the freshness, he began to plan to invest in the sales of personalized T-shirts. “Although it doesn’t seem to be big enough, it’s a profitable business.”. He found a classmate who majored in animation games in his school to work together. They raised 1900 yuan together. The other side was in charge of design, while Zhang Kai was responsible for finding a manufacturer to produce and sell

although he majored in trade, Zhang Kai didn’t have any practical experience, “1 don’t even know where to open the door of a garment factory, let alone how to find a cheap manufacturer to earn a price difference.”. Zhang Kai finally took a stupid approach – to Hanzheng Street to sell T-shirts shop to work for free. When he was working, Zhang Kai did manual work, such as carrying goods and receiving goods. With careful attention, he got what he wanted and learned how to distinguish the quality of cloth and how to find a factory to work for him

with the accumulation of only 1 yuan per piece, Zhang Kai earned the “first pot of gold”

with the design and OEM manufacturers, Zhang Kai’s T-shirt business is only inferior to the customer’s “one foot in the door”. He found the contact information of the leaders of more than 150 student associations in the school from the student union, and selected 50 associations as the first target customers, that is, the most likely customers to buy. He sent e-mails and text messages to these groups to introduce their business, and then called to communicate closely. Other second and third target customers only send SMS and e-mail sales

soon, Zhang Kai received more than 1000 orders from school associations. He set the revenue of each order as 1 yuan, that is, 1 yuan plus the ex factory price< 1n May 2012, Zhang Kai's school held its 10th anniversary celebration. With sales experience, he boldly went to school leaders to sell customized t-shirts for the school anniversary. His idea of earning only 1 yuan per shirt was also recognized by the school, winning 4000 orders at one stroke. Relying on the reputation of this order, he sold another 3000 T-shirts to the secondary college of the University, and sold 30000 hats to the Youth League Committee of the University.... in this way, each small business earning only 1 yuan earned 40000 yuan. With this “first pot of gold”, Zhang Kai decided to use the money to register the company and start a business bravely< 1n August 2012, Zhang Kai's aitekai Garment Trading Co., Ltd. was officially established. He was confident that he decided to continue to be his best school anniversary T-shirt market he took the initiative to contact two colleges and universities on the occasion of the anniversary of the school to promote the sales. 1n order to participate in the bidding, inexperienced he spent three days and nights in the library, self-learning and making a bid. However, both bids failed. 1n the first tender, Zhang Kai’s quotation was the lowest among all the six bidders, but ignored the quality requirements of Party A; For the second time, the manufacturer Zhang Kai cooperated with did not have the processing qualification for one of the products it was only a few months before Zhang Kai graduated from University, and his first partner left because he couldn’t bear the pressure. Zhang Kai said that he was particularly hesitant at that time. He went to a job fair and got an offer of 5000 yuan a month from a company, but he didn’t want to give up starting a business in the end, Zhang Kai decided to go all out and “use up the remaining 20000 yuan in the company’s book, and then look for a new job after losing.” innovating to do “work off work can wear tooling” to win the market starting again, Zhang Kai summed up the experience that if he continues to engage in low-end processing business, there is still the possibility of failure at any time, so he must innovate Zhang Kai first started with innovative marketing mode. He set up a website to display and design products, and promoted them through competitive ranking of search engines. Soon, Zhang Kai’s company has a certain popularity on the 1nternet, customers can easily browse the company’s design through the web page, put forward individual needs. 1n addition, he adjusted his design ideas and proposed to take “tooling that can be worn after work” as the selling point of the product to cater to the aesthetic standards of post-80s and post-90s employees. He also aimed at the high-end professional wear market and boldly used the “one-to-one” tailor-made way to make work clothes nowadays, Zhang Kai’s company can receive orders of about 120000 yuan per month from the network channels. 1n the local area, Dongfeng Motor Company, BMW 4S shop, Qianji food and other well-known enterprises also become his customers. As of January this year, the company’s sales revenue has exceeded one million yuan “in the future, 1 want to open a physical store in Wuhan, which is specially designed to make personalized uniforms for professionals, so as to make work clothes popular like fashion.” Zhang Kai said our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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