Work Safety Month activities under the stage

The national work safety month has been carried out for 12 years. As an important way of work safety publicity and education, it has high social attention and wide participation. However, it is worth noting that some enterprises or units tend to attach importance to the form on the stage and neglect the implementation off the stage in the monthly activities of production safety. They make the monthly activities of production safety into a set routine, making the monthly activities of production safety become a show off. The masses of workers are not only disgusted with it, but also greatly reduce the effect of the activities

the reason lies in formalism. Some enterprises and units put the effort of safety production month activities on the table, and carry out safety production month activities with coping thinking, showing them to the superior leaders and the staff below. Every safety production month, we arrange the launching ceremony of the activity in a big way, pull a few red flags on the stage, hang up a few slogans, the leaders take the lead to shout a few slogans, write a few measures behind closed doors, and then find someone to write a few summary reports after the activity, which has become the regular number of routes every year

on the surface, the activity site of work safety month is full of vitality and lively atmosphere. 1n fact, the thunder and rain are small, the stage is excited and the stage is not moving. As soon as the form on the table was finished, the knives and guns were immediately returned to the warehouse, and the horses were released to Nanshan. A few days later, they returned to January ago. Over time, the safety production month activity has become an out and out formalism. What’s more terrible is that the participants in the activity have formed habitual thinking and generated thoughts and emotions that are not conducive to safety production

safety production focuses on site, and the key lies in implementation. Whether the laws and regulations on production safety and safety rules and regulations are well implemented, whether the awareness of production safety enters the mind and heart, whether the operation skills of employees are not improved, and whether the safety behaviors are standardized all test the enterprise’s efforts to grasp production safety. 1nstead of making every effort to do some work on the stage, it’s better to calm down and work out a few targeted systems and methods that can be truly implemented on the spot, so as to effectively solve the problems and hidden dangers existing in the safety production of enterprises

the problems and hidden dangers in production can be revealed by taking people as mirror and taking safety production month as mirror. 1t is necessary to closely combine the monthly activities of work safety with the key work of work safety, regard the activities as a “microscope” in discovering problems and finding hidden dangers, and investigate the existing problems and hidden dangers from the details; 1n the analysis of problems and hidden dangers, the activities should be regarded as a “magnifying glass”, and the deep-seated causes of problems and hidden dangers should be carefully found, and the possible consequences should be analyzed; 1n solving problems and dealing with hidden dangers, we should regard the activities as a “periscope”, that is, we should make overall consideration to formulate rectification plans, clarify the responsibilities of functional departments and relevant personnel, and ensure that problems and hidden dangers are effectively rectified

this year is the 13th year of the national work safety month. Centering on the theme of “strengthening the red line awareness and promoting safety development”, we should firmly establish the “red line awareness” that “development must not be at the cost of human life”, make more efforts, and make the strongest sound of work safety and spread the positive energy of safety development through practical activities, We should conscientiously investigate problems and hidden dangers, earnestly formulate rectification measures, strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production at all levels and posts, strive to create a good public opinion atmosphere to promote safety development, and promote safety development

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