Work safety should be forward-looking

1n ancient times, there was an official named Ziyou. One day, an old man said to him, “the stork is a bird that can predict the rain. 1t suddenly moves to its nest. There will be a flood in our area.” Ziyou quickly ordered the people in the city to prepare for the emergency. After a few days, the flood surged and the people were able to settle down. 1n safety production, we should also be forward-looking like the stork

everything is constantly changing, and mastering the occurrence rules of various faults is an important means to prevent faults. Xunzi said that prevention is the first, salvation is the second, and abstinence is the second. Only when the staff from the perspective of personal needs, truly realize that safety is their own urgent needs, can they be able to externalize in the line, effectively take responsibility for their own work, and then implement the prevention

before training. Sharp tools make good work. Strengthen the post skill training of employees, improve the ability to prevent accidents, strengthen the implementation of post responsibility system, and promote the standardization and scientization of work safety. 1t is necessary to overcome the superficial phenomenon of “treating head with headache and treating foot with foot pain”, as well as the fluke and carelessness presented by ideology

expect to be ahead. Many accidents can be avoided as long as they are checked in advance, hidden dangers are found as soon as possible, and rectification is carried out in time. Before work, employees should wear personal protective products, do a good job in safety expectation and protective measures. Only by organically combining perception, foresight and preparation, can accidents be truly prevented

before prevention, the accident may happen in a moment of negligence or carelessness, so we should carefully consider the possible safety problems, pay attention to the details of safety work, and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in time. At the same time, we should plan ahead of time and take precautions. Take measures in advance for unsafe factors to contain safety accidents in the bud

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