Worker falls without safety belt, steel bar goes through abdomen

Falling from a 3-meter-high construction site, a steel bar runs through the human body through the buttocks and comes out from the left abdomen… This horrible scene happened at a construction site in Nansha, Guangzhou at noon on October 30

the 22-year-old woman was very calm and didn’t twist her limbs, waiting for rescue. The medical staff traveled hundreds of miles to Nansha and Guangzhou, and took 90 minutes to remove the transdermal foreign body. The reinforcement was pulled out and the main organs and blood vessels of the injured were not damaged. 1t is expected that there will be no adverse sequelae

Zhang Ping, 22 years old (not his real name), came to Guangzhou with her husband from Sichuan to work at the beginning of this year. He has been helping her husband, who is engaged in construction, to carry and shuttle the construction site. At noon on October 30, the house on the construction site was built on the second floor, and she also went up to the second floor to help

when she passed a cross board, her foot was empty and she fell about 3 meters high. The falling point is a place where the concrete has just been poured and there are many steel bars. When she fell, she was penetrated by at least four steel bars

“my wife is also very strong. She hasn’t twisted her body all the time. 1f she moves, she may be more seriously injured.” a group of people waited for more than 30 minutes. When the medical staff of Nansha Central Hospital (a municipal hospital management) arrived at the scene, the workers, under the guidance of the doctor, cut the steel bars in the lower part

however, there is still more than one meter in front and back of the steel bar that runs through Zhangping. This “woman man” even refused to get on the stretcher, and with the help of her husband, she went to the ambulance step by step

the medical staff decided to turn to Guangzhou first people’s Hospital for help. Zhang Ping was quickly transferred to a municipal hospital. Cao Jie, the president of a municipal hospital and a general surgery expert, decided to pull out the steel bars for the injured. Equipment inspection found that the injured were in good condition

“the injured person is too young to consider the functional evaluation of other systems such as fertility. The operation was completed quickly after confirming that the reinforcement passed through the area and did not damage the kidney, ureter, uterus, large blood vessels and other main parts

the steel bars removed by surgery are still 30 cm long. ” Cao Jie and other experts had been a little worried that the injured would affect leg activity due to nerve injury” During today’s ward round, she was able to answer fluently, with good leg coordination. After a period of observation, she could recover and be discharged in 7-10 days. ” 1n addition, experts suggest that the construction site should strengthen the protection measures for workers, such as high-altitude work should be equipped with safety belts, complete protective equipment can effectively improve work efficiency, and protect the safety of workers

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