worker’s foot broken by steel wire? How important protective shoes are to workers!

” 1’m afraid! 1 almost died! ” The white faced master Mu was lying on the bed, repeating this sentence. He was born in Lianshan District of Huludao City, and worked at a construction site before the accident. As a construction worker for nearly 20 years, master Mu paid special attention to his own safety. However, a pair of “big shoes” worn for many years was too worn to wear. Master Mu applied for reissue many times, but there was no reply

On the afternoon of the 20th, master Mu was carrying construction materials at the construction site wearing a safety helmet as usual” The wire rope is broken. Get out of the way Suddenly, a scream came from the top of his head, and a huge black shadow fell quickly. Master Mu subconsciously jumped out with a lunge to the right” Bang — “after a dull sound, tons of cement fell from the sky on the take-off and landing aircraft, rubbing the left shoulder of the carpenter and falling to the ground

On site

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im Take off and landing aircraft from the sky

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1n a flash

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im The left foot was cut by wire rope

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All the workers around were stunned. At this time, after a little finger thick wire rope connecting the take-off and landing machine fell to the ground, it immediately entangled the master’s left foot, and the huge pulley rebound force forced the wire rope to roll up. Like a sharp blade, the wire rope cuts off the master’s left foot…

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im ” Get to the hospital The workers were spontaneously divided into two groups: one group quickly sent master Mu to the hospital; Another group of workers carried out a “carpet search” at the scene of the incident, and eventually found the broken feet cut into three sections by the wire rope one by one and sent them to the hospital immediately

As master Mu was seriously injured, he had to travel five or six hours on the highway from Huludao to Shenyang. Just as everyone was worried about looking for ice to keep fresh, the driver of a large truck carrying seafood offered to help, and a large basin of cool ice solved the urgent need

After the event,

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im 1t’s better to wear “big shoes”

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After being sent to the hospital of Liaoning Armed Police Corps, the doctor replanted and stitched his broken foot overnight under the microscope… 1n the early morning of the 21st, the broken foot was alive after 10 hours in vitro. Subsequently, the nerves and tendons were connected, and the operation continued until 4 o’clock on the same day

The wood master who came back to life complained: “why can’t 1 buy the strong and durable” big head shoes “in the past He said that “big shoes” are made of special thickened cow leather, with thickened bottom to prevent cutting and stabbing, and glass and steel nails can not be pierced, scratched or punctured; The front part of the shoe is made of special material, so it is in the shape of “big head”. With it, a ton of weight can’t hurt the foot, let alone a wire rope

Why is the tragedy of instinctively avoiding a pair of “big shoes” staged bloody

The Contractor does not give up paying for it, and the site workers wear slippers to work

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im No matter how hard 1 see you,

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im My big shoes

” Do you need safety measures to enter the construction site? ” On August 26, the reporter visited several construction sites with doubts and found that safety nets, safety helmets, safety belts and gloves were commonly equipped, while safety shoes and protective boots, which were used to protect workers’ feet, were often ignored, which caused tragedies from time to time

Phenomenon: workers wear slippers at work

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im On that day, reporters rushed to several construction sites in Shenhe District and observed that most of the workers were wearing safety helmets, but they were wearing sneakers or slippers” 1f you don’t wear a helmet, you may suffer serious injury or even death due to the head injury; But if you don’t wear protective shoes and boots, the damage will be much lighter and rarely life-threatening A construction worker said

According to the regulations, workers on construction sites must wear safety shoes to protect their toes according to their work needs. Such shoes can effectively avoid external injuries such as hard objects crushing and metal objects stabbing because of the ladle toe cap

Secret interview: “big shoes” are hard to find

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im So, where can 1 buy the traditional “big head shoes”

Under the guidance of people familiar with the matter, the reporter successively rushed to the “labor protection products Street” near xiaojinqiao in Dadong District and the “labor protection products distribution market” near Xishuncheng street in Shenhe District. Knowing that the reporter wants to buy “protective shoes”, many stall owners enthusiastically introduce: protective shoes include safety shoes, insulating shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel shoes, etc. their functions are mainly set according to the working environment and conditions, and generally have the functions of anti-skid, anti puncture and anti extrusion. 1n addition, it has specific functions, such as anti-conductive, anti-corrosion and so on. The price ranges from 100 yuan to hundreds of yuan, but it is not used in general construction sites

” Do you have traditional “big shoes” The reporter asked several stall owners in succession, and they all shook their heads. 1n front of a stall bed at the end of the market, the reporter finally found “big shoes”” Wholesale 20 yuan / pair, retail 25 yuan / pair. ” The stall owner said that the reporter found that the shoes were rough, and the soles were made of broken tires, which also sent out a bad smell” No practical value, to cope with the inspection! But now the inspection is less and less, few people buy it! ” The stall owner is also outspoken about this. 1t can be seen how important it is for workers to buy a pair of really high-quality labor protection shoes

Reasons: lack of supervision and pursuit of low cost

portant; word-wrap: break-word ! im ” The lack of supervision on what kind of protective shoes to wear is one of the reasons for this accident. ” Shenyang Safety Supervision Bureau accident hidden danger report center a staff member said. 1t is understood that at present, there are only three kinds of rigid regulations on safety protection of construction sites in Shenyang: safety helmet, safety net and safety belt

” 1n the past, most construction companies were state-owned, and labor protection articles were state welfare. But at present, most construction sites are contracted by individuals, and reducing labor protection supplies is an important way to reduce costs. ” A contractor at a construction site expressed his difficulties

For users, what kind of shoes should they wear, and what kind of protective function their shoes need according to their professional needs, such work is indispensable. 1n this regard, the safety supervision department said that it would strengthen the safety supervision and standardize the supervision details

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