Workers are required to wear protective clothing at Hongan station of Wuhan railway

“According to the weather forecast, the lowest temperature tonight will drop to minus 4 degrees. 1 hope that in the middle of the night, the outdoor shunting personnel will wear cotton padded jacket and gloves, fasten the safety belt, pay attention to the personal safety and prevent frostbite.” At 18:00 on December 14, at the night shift handover meeting of Hong’an railway station of Wuhan Railway Bureau, the station director Xiong repeatedly stressed the personal safety precautions for winter operation

in recent days, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the bad weather has brought many disadvantages to the field operation, but also brought many hidden dangers to the personal safety of workers in winter operation. 1n order to ensure the personal safety of workers in operation, the station adheres to the principle of people-oriented, makes full use of roll call meeting, shift meeting and study meeting to strengthen the personal safety education of cadres and workers, organizes all workers to study the recent injury accidents reported by the head office and the Railway Bureau, watches the CD-ROM of “propaganda and education film on labor safety of the whole railway”, and discusses the accident cases Talk about the feeling after watching, and warn and educate the staff by the accidents around them. At the same time, special training on winter labor safety shall be conducted for the post personnel with prominent hidden danger of labor safety, so as to further enhance their awareness of safety responsibility and ability of accident prevention, and effectively wear “protective clothing” for the personal safety of employees in winter operation. 1n order to create a safe working environment for the staff, the station has also strengthened the renovation of the safety environment in the station, such as operation tracks, platforms, freight yards, pedestrian passages and stairs, and set up safety warning signs at the key places that affect the personal safety of the staff to remind the staff to pay attention to safety and prevent slipping and falling. The heating equipment in winter shall be inspected irregularly by specially assigned person to prevent electric leakage injury

while carrying out personal safety education, the station also strengthened on-site operation inspection and inspection, resolutely focused on key operations and key posts, deeply searched for hidden dangers and problems of personal safety, formulated corresponding safety measures for the problems and hidden dangers found, carried out serious rectification, and educated employees who violated regulations, 1mprove their safety awareness and self-protection awareness. Since the beginning of winter, the station has found 12 hidden dangers in terms of personal safety of employees, all of which have been thoroughly rectified to ensure the personal safety of employees in winter

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