Workers in Hangzhou’s giant tent construction site all wear gas masks

recently, the newly built giant inflatable tent on the site of Hangzhou pesticide factory attracted the attention of the public. This morning, with the permission of the relevant units, the reporter walked into the site and had a close look at the “largest tent in history”

when entering the construction site, the odor concentration gradually increases, and air deodorant and other chemicals can be seen everywhere, as well as the warning signs that you must wear gas masks. At the scene, most workers were wearing gas masks in the shape of “pig nose”. Close to the inflatable shed, the door to the interior has never been allowed to open, and the situation inside is unknown. Several thermal desorption greenhouses near the inflatable tent can be seen filled with soil through the outer film

manager Wu of Hangzhou Dadi environmental protection Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the construction, said that the inflatable tent has been built for nearly half a month, and after the adjustment of internal facilities, it will be used in the treatment of polluted soil. 1n order to achieve the purpose of purification, the harmful gases were isolated by “polyester fiber film greenhouse”, and the harmful substances in soil were separated by thermal desorption equipment

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