Workers should be suspended in hot weather

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, there will be continuous high temperature weather in Beijing in the next few days. The Beijing Municipal Administration of work safety issued a high-temperature safety warning on the 27th, saying that workers’ work will be suspended depending on the daily maximum temperature, and hazardous chemicals transportation units should try their best to avoid high-temperature transportation

according to the requirements of Beijing Municipal Bureau of work safety, all production and business units and all kinds of construction units should effectively protect the health of workers. When the daily maximum temperature is above 37 ℃ and below 40 ℃, workers should be arranged to work outdoors for no more than 6 hours a day, and the outdoor work should be suspended from 12:00 to 15:00; When the daily maximum temperature is above 35 ℃ or below 37 ℃, it is necessary to change the liner to shorten the continuous working time of workers, and it is not allowed to arrange outdoor workers to work overtime. The production and operation units of hazardous chemicals, as well as the users of inflammable and explosive gases such as gas and natural gas, shall implement the ventilation, cooling, waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, explosion-proof and lightning protection measures in the production and storage places of hazardous chemicals, and ensure the good and effective operation of ventilation and cooling equipment, cooling spray device and alarm device. The transportation unit of hazardous chemicals shall try to avoid transportation in high temperature period to prevent explosion, leakage and other accidents caused by vehicle spontaneous combustion

the safety supervision department of Beijing Municipality will strengthen the safety inspection on the construction site, strengthen the safety management of temporary electrical equipment, scaffolding, deep foundation pit and edge protection, and effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock, collapse and fall accidents

in addition, it is also required that units engaged in limited space operations such as sewage wells, septic tanks, and underground pipeline construction are strictly prohibited to go down the well for operation without taking specified protective measures, equipped with specified protective equipment, receiving pre job safety training, and conducting ventilation test on the operation site

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