workers untie safety ropes to delay fire escape and firefighters search and rescue

on the morning of October 23, many Changchun People’s circle of friends was swiped by a small wechat video. 1n the video, a large amount of smoke came out from the second and third floors of a five story building, tens of meters high, and even the sound of “slapping” after the wires were burned. The scene in the video takes place at the intersection of Min’an road and Qingming Street West erhu Tong at 7:20 a.m. fortunately, the second to fifth floors of the building are being renovated, which has not caused more serious consequences

the exterior wall of the building was seriously burned

at about 8:30, there was no open fire at the scene of the accident, but there was still a strong smell of burning. Fire officers and soldiers are still looking for the fire at the scene to prevent re ignition. A large number of windows in the fire building were damaged, some of them were burned, and some of them were chipped to exhaust smoke

scaffolding was set up outside the building, and about half of the protective net was burned; The plaques, doors and windows of supermarkets and hotels on the first floor were seriously damaged. Due to the power failure after the fire, these businesses have been suspended

at 9:30, the reporter entered from the side door of the building and found that it was not a residential building. The upper floor was an open hall, which had not been decorated and had no more combustible materials. However, due to the smoke and fire, there was a lot of black ash on the wall, especially on the second and third floors. There is an empty fire extinguisher in the middle of the third floor. Under the action of high temperature, the rubber hose has melted

“the damage is so serious that it is estimated that it will not be able to operate for a month. What should we do about the loss?” A merchant said helplessly

the wires were burned out and kept flashing

in a small video taken by the citizens, we can see the rolling black smoke coming out from behind the building of workers’ Cultural Palace. Another video shows an open fire coming out from the second floor, a flash from time to time on the first floor, and a “pa pa” sound, which is caused by the short circuit of damaged wires

a photographer of a small video said in the video that the external wall insulation layer caught fire, but according to the reporter’s on-site observation, the building has not yet done external wall insulation, and the wall is still made of ceramic tiles< According to the eyewitness, welding sparks caused trouble it is understood that the place where the fire broke out was a barbecue shop and a studio” 1’ve heard that it’s going to be a hotel. 1t’s being renovated. ” A witness said, “at that time, there were two workers working on it. The spark of welding floated to the flammable materials below. As a result, the fire started soon.” One of the workers ran out quickly. “The other worker also wanted to run, but he had a safety rope. When he untied the safety rope, the fire and smoke came up. Later, he also wanted to run out, but by this time the fire was closed, and he couldn’t run upstairs again. “< According to reports, after the alarm, the fire officers and soldiers quickly arrived at the scene to fight the fire, which took about an hour to put out the fire during the fire fighting process, some people said that someone was trapped in the building, so the fire officers and soldiers immediately wore air breathing apparatus to search in the building it is understood that the firefighters found the trapped man in a corner of the third floor. Because he was choked by thick smoke, he was unconscious. 1n order to fight for rescue time for the injured, the rescue soldiers took off their air respirator masks, put them on, and rushed them downstairs. Then the man was rushed to 120 ambulance New Culture reporter learned from Changchun hospital that the trapped man was first sent to the hospital, but because there was no hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the hospital, he was later sent to other hospitals for treatment< At present, the cause of the fire is still under further investigation

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