Working outside to improve the awareness of self prevention and guard against occupational diseases

1n recent years, a large number of farmers have gone out to work. The website reminds migrant workers to pay attention to occupational health and safeguard their health rights and interests according to law. Migrant workers are mostly concentrated in construction, mining, coal mining, mechanical processing, leather production, chemical industry and other key industries with occupational hazards, increasing the risk of occupational diseases due to exposure to occupational hazards, and occupational health problems are increasingly concerned. 1n the process of choosing a job, job seekers should not blindly pursue high salary. They must have a pre job physical examination before employment in order to know whether they have corresponding occupational contraindications

before signing a labor contract with an enterprise, we should know in detail whether there are occupational hazards in our work, such as dust, noise, chemical poisons, etc., when looking for a job or engaging in a certain work. What kind of occupational hazard factors and degree exist, and whether the enterprise adopts occupational disease prevention measures, etc. Enterprises with occupational hazards should conduct occupational health examination before going to work to see whether they are suitable for the work they are engaged in. At the same time, they should receive education and training on occupational health knowledge and operating procedures. They should participate in the regular occupational health examination organized by the enterprise during the post period, and also carry out the occupational health examination when they leave the post. Work according to the rules and regulations, the correct use of occupational disease prevention facilities and labor protection supplies. Pay attention to your own health at any time and keep the evidence of working in the enterprise. 1f migrant workers find that the enterprise fails to organize workers who are exposed to occupational hazards to conduct occupational health examination before, during and after work, they can complain to the local health supervision organization in time

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