Working principle and precautions of Shanghai name1 antistatic gloves

Anti static gloves are often used in product inspection, electronic assembly, electronic parts, electronic industry, electronic machinery maintenance and other industries? What is the working principle of antistatic gloves? How to choose and buy appropriate antistatic gloves? Here is the answer for you one by one from Shanghai Na Mei

gw-513 carbon fiber anti-static Pu Palm Gloves

the principle of gw-513 carbon fiber anti-static Pu Palm Gloves

the anti-static gloves are made of special materials, which can effectively place static electricity and protect the safety of operators. Materials are usually made of conductive fiber materials, according to the use of environmental design fiber gap spacing, in the electronic industry is essential to use products

there will be coating on the surface of anti-static gloves to ensure the control of anti-static performance, which can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Using the principle of electrostatic dissipation, adding relatively high resistance carbon fiber into the gloves has the advantages of simple wearing, more convenient for the wearer to operate the workpiece, and the disadvantage is that the stability of electrostatic dissipation is insufficient, 1t is mostly used in conventional electronic assembly

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