World Cup fully armed by textile technology

MiCoach smart shoes

in this world cup, Adidas launched a adierof50, which was officially released and widely used in the world cup. Many players have already put on this pair of shoes to run on the court

apart from the latest technology of adizerof50 series football shoes in the field of material and technology, adidas has a special groove on the sole to assemble MiCoach speed sensor for collecting data. MiCoach speed sensor can capture 360 degree motion and record key indicators including instantaneous speed, average speed, fastest speed (recorded every 5 seconds), sprint times, moving distance, moving distance under high intensity level, pace and stride rate. 1n competition or training, MiCoach can store up to 7 hours of sports data and connect with personal computer wirelessly

the personal statistics captured by MiCoach sensor can be uploaded to Facebook to share with friends, so as to launch an interesting and fierce competition between friends. At the same time, the statistics of professional Adidas players such as Messi can be downloaded for comparison< 1n this world cup, besides Adidas and Nike, puma, a sports brand from Germany, has also sponsored the jerseys of nine teams, among which the most eye-catching one is undoubtedly the "1talian male model team", which makes countless female fans scream the 1talian team’s jerseys not only continue to be tight and sexy, but also add the “imaginative” massage function. Puma said that they have designed a unique massage strip for the 1talian jerseys, which can “massage” the players’ bodies, so that the players can maximize their muscle strength and relieve muscle tension after fatigue. 1t seems that the good and sexy 1talian team has also won the special favor of the sponsors. As for whether this massage function is really useful, we can only ask Balotelli himself< We all know how hot Brazil is. Although it's winter now, the temperature is still very high due to the geographical location. Although most of the games are in the evening, the temperature will often reach the level close to 40 degrees. Adidas has provided a professional precooled vest and sleeve called adipower for its sponsored teams to help them keep cool and dry in Brazil's hot climate this vest has been developed for several years to help players lower their body surface temperature in hot climate, so as to reduce muscle fatigue caused by high temperature. According to the research results, the forearm and upper back are the main heat dissipation areas of the human body, as well as the sweat prone areas. So this vest adds some super absorbent particles in the area, and after refrigerated in the freezing device, it can reduce the players’ body temperature in 15-20 minutes and reduce the risk of heatstroke at present, players of Adidas sponsored teams including Germany, Spain, Argentina and Colombia all use adipower equipment during pre match warm-up and half-time, which is said to have received good feedback from players the jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles Brazil is the host of this world cup, and the five-star Brazil also hopes to add another star to the jerseys by winning the championship. Brazil has a certain superstition on the reform of their jerseys: their three World Cup victories all took place after their bold reform of their jerseys this time, the design of Brazil’s Jersey has not changed much from the tradition, but the material has been greatly innovated. Brazil’s jerseys, pants and socks all use recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles. This is the first time that the national team equipment has used this innovative technology on socks. Each set of jerseys uses an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles in addition to recycling plastic bottle materials, Nike also integrates thermoregulation technology into the production process, and the air flow efficiency is 56% higher than that of previous jerseys. The fabric of this jersey is 94% polyester and only 6% cotton. 1t has the comfort of pure cotton and the heat regulating property of polyester copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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