Wu Qihua’s new drama anti riot performance

Recently, a number of actors in the new wireless drama “fighting tomorrow again”, including Wu Qihua, Zhu Qianxue, Huang Xinying and Huang Debin, filmed the scene of riot drill at the staff training college of the Correctional Services Department in Stanley yesterday. They are very well-equipped. Among them, Qihua says that he has difficulty breathing after wearing gas masks. Fortunately, the series is shot in winter. 1t’s not too hard to wear heavy equipment, but it’s difficult to move hands and feet

Wu Qihua continued that he shot a scene earlier in which a special actor used a sharp weapon to pierce the aorta. He said with a smile: “all lives are in danger. 1f the big artery is inserted, it will shed a lot of blood, good nucleus process. However, what really hurt me was a scene in which 1 was splashed with talcum powder by the other party. At that time, 1 accidentally fell to the ground. Fortunately, 1 did exercise on weekdays. 1’m an old man. 1 can’t help falling. “

Qian Xue and Xin Ying also went out of their way to wear anti riot clothes to take photos. Both of them said with a smile that they didn’t feel hard when they put on their clothes. Xin Ying even said with a smile that she has kneepad. Even if she falls, she can’t die, but her physical strength is a little watery. “The last time 1 finished the beach exercise, 1 felt sore the next day,” she said

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