Wuhan: multiple supervision can’t stop inferior safety helmet in construction site

You can buy two helmets for 8 yuan, and you can press them with your hands. 1s it safe? However, some safety helmets are “protecting” the safety of workers at many construction sites in Wuhan

Xiao Xu worked at a construction site in Nanhu, Hongshan District. 1n February this year, he accidentally lost the safety helmet issued by the construction site. Xiao Xu himself went to a hardware store on Xiongchu street and spent 8 yuan to buy two safety helmets. However, Xiao Xu soon found that there was no license number and manufacturer information on the helmet, and there was no cushion inside the helmet, only a plastic lining. 1t doesn’t need too much strength. You can sink into a small pit when you press it. Not long ago, when he was building a wall on the second floor with his workmates, he accidentally dropped his helmet and broke a hole on the spot

in recent years, accidents of workers injured due to poor quality of safety helmets have occurred from time to time. 1n Wuhan, there has always been a market for inferior safety helmets, which makes the safety of the last barrier of workers in a critical situation in jeopardy

in recent days, the reporter found that cheap safety helmets can be seen in some labor protection products stores in three towns of Wuhan. One of their common characteristics is that they are produced in coastal areas such as Guangdong and Zhejiang, lack of inspection certificate from national quality supervision department, and no permanent identification stipulated by the state: standard number, production date, etc. At the same time, the price is cheap, many prices as long as 4 yuan, if wholesale cheaper

according to some shop owners, cheap safety helmets sell well, and most of them are purchased in batches by the construction party at the construction site. 1t is reported that the price of safety helmet mainly depends on the material. There are mainly three kinds of safety helmets in circulation on the market: the cheapest is plastic safety helmets, with the lowest protective effect; Slightly better is the ABS resin material safety helmet, the protective effect is medium; The best is the FRP helmet, and the price is the highest” The 4 yuan safety helmet is made of waste plastic, and the cost is quite low. “

for workers, it is also very helpless to choose such a helmet. Master Wang, a native of Huanggang, has nearly 10 years of working experience. He has used all kinds of safety helmets” Cheap helmets are sun helmets. 1f you don’t wear them, you have to deduct money. 1t’s not cost-effective to buy expensive ones yourself. You have to be more careful when you work. “

the reporter learned that China implements license management for the production of safety helmets. According to GB2811-2007 national standard for safety helmet, a qualified safety helmet must pass the test of impact wear resistance in 50 ℃ high temperature, – 10 ℃ low temperature and water environment. According to the relevant regulations, the construction unit must issue qualified safety helmets to the workers. However, some construction units have given this task to the contractor without checking the quality of safety helmets. They only require workers to wear safety helmets, which creates a market for cheap and inferior safety helmets

it is reported that at present, there are many government functional departments to supervise the safety helmets. The quality supervision department supervises the production field, the industrial and commercial department supervises the circulation field, and the housing and construction department supervises the use of safety helmets. However, cheap and inferior safety helmets are still popular

in this regard, Wuhan local administrative experts pointed out that some problems such as low-cost and inferior safety helmets are difficult to be solved only by individual combat, which requires comprehensive management by multiple departments, exploration of long-term governance mechanism, and elimination from the source

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