Wuhan shoes and clothing enterprises encounter “electricity shortage”

the power shortage in Wuhan, which started in the middle of this month, is becoming more and more serious. Since the 28th, nearly 2000 factories in Wuhan began to stop production and transfer power in turn to ensure the power consumption of the people< According to the introduction of the emergency load control leading group of Wuhan power grid, the power generation capacity continues to decline and the contradiction between power supply and demand further expands due to the fact that the power coal supply has not been effectively alleviated. Since December 12, the biggest gap between power supply and demand in Wuhan power grid has reached 650000 kilowatts at one time. 1f effective measures are not taken urgently, household electricity consumption may be affected for this reason, for the first time in the past decade, Wuhan has taken the way of industrial enterprises taking turns to let power flow. The power outage involves 1815 industrial enterprises in the urban area, including 18 industrial enterprises in general and special equipment manufacturing, chemical products, non-ferrous metals, clothing, shoes and hats, etc. in the future, in addition to the implementation of load voltage limit measures, they will cut off power for 2 days a week to release 600000 kilowatts of power load, accounting for about 12% of the actual power load demand of the city< According to the statistics of Hubei Provincial Economic and 1nformation Commission, the power plants in Jingmen, Hanchuan and Xiangfan have stopped generating electricity due to lack of coal. By the 28th, 11 of the 36 units with a capacity of 200000 kW or above in the province had been shut down; The autumn precipitation in the Yangtze River, Qingjiang River and Hanjiang river basins is significantly lower than that in the same period of previous years, and the water level drops sharply the emergency load control leading group of Wuhan power grid said that it is impossible to predict whether a larger range of power rationing measures will be taken in the future

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