Wuzhou industrial and commercial bureau renovates the labor protection products market

1n order to ensure the specificity of military articles and prevent criminals from using military articles to cheat, after the report of “fraud gang of fake officers was arrested” on November 22, Guangxi Wuzhou industry and Commerce Bureau, together with the Logistics Department of Wuzhou military division, carried out a half month special rectification of the city’s labor protection articles market

in the process of special rectification, law enforcement officers found that three labor protection stores in the city put out eye-catching advertisements saying that “there are” military uniforms “,” military quilt “and other military supplies for sale”. According to relevant laws and regulations, business operators are not allowed to use military uniforms and standard clothing once equipped by the people’s Liberation Army to engage in business activities, or to use such terms as “military uniforms”, “military supplies” and “military products” to attract customers. 1n the inquiry, the operator said, “do not know their business has been suspected of illegal.”

in view of the above situation, the law enforcement officers ordered the operators to rectify within a time limit and remove the advertising words of “military supplies” in the stores. 1n addition, the law enforcement officers require the operators to communicate with the manufacturers and return the highly simulated “military uniform” and other goods. When the manufacturers supply similar goods, they should mark the words “non military supplies” in the eye-catching position of the clothing

in the process of law enforcement, the law enforcement officers distributed the regulations on the administration of military uniforms, the trademark law and the advertising law to the operators to publicize the relevant provisions on the administration of military uniforms. At the same time, industrial and commercial personnel remind the public that if they find that businesses peddle goods in the name of the army, or if they find that lawless elements use military supplies to engage in illegal activities, they can call 12315 to report to the industrial and commercial department. After receiving the report, the industrial and commercial departments will join hands with the relevant departments to investigate and deal with it, so as to maintain the specificity and seriousness of military uniforms

according to the person in charge of the law enforcement section of Wuzhou Administration for 1ndustry and commerce, as of December 19, law enforcement officers had inspected more than 40 clothing markets and labor protection products markets, and ordered 12 businesses that illegally used plaques or propaganda terms of “military products”, “military uniform” and “military supplies” to make corrections within a time limit. At the same time, three suspected cases of illegal sales of military uniforms marked with “military and police rainproof suit”, “military and police special fabric”, “military production” and “military quality” were found. At present, the cases are under further investigation

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