Xiamen holds the first international tourism hotel professional dress design competition

Recently, 23 excellent international hotel professional dress design works from all over the country have made the ultimate PK in Xiamen Panji famous product center, and 48 models have performed 184 sets of original designer works

the competition is directed by Xiamen development and Reform Commission and Xiamen Tourism Development Commission, and sponsored by Xiamen 1nternational Fashion Federation and Xiamen Tourism Association. Different from the previous fashion design competition, this competition is a platform for many buyers and judges to participate, a platform to build designers’ works in line with the market, and a platform to realize industrial landing. This year is the first one, and it is only limited to Xiamen hotel industry. 1n the future, this platform will be open to the hotel industry and designers all over the country and even the world

this competition will adopt the evaluation mode of combining expert judges and buyer judges, and select 10 top 10 designers and 13 excellent designers of Xiamen international tourism hotel by voting. Professional designers from Xiamen, such as he Wenhao, Chen Hongwei, Wu Xinmin and Yu Jiatong, won the top ten Designers Award of “2017 Xiamen international tourism hotel professional wear competition”. 1n the next time, Xiamen Tourism Development Committee will take the lead, Xiamen 1nternational Fashion Federation and Xiamen Tourism Association will work together to recommend these excellent designers and design works to Xiamen tourism industry, so as to make tourism more fashionable and Xiamen more fashionable(Reporter Zha Xiaoli)

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