Xiangyang locomotive depot of Wuhan Railway Bureau requires wearing safety helmet

“The tools are left in the car. 1’ll go up and take them off. 1 don’t need to wear the helmet. 1t’s too much trouble!”

“that’s illegal!”

“1 don’t go to work. 1 just take tools. 1t’s less than a minute.”

at 16:25 on January 6, in the regular repair depot of Xiangyang North servicing workshop of Xiangyang locomotive depot, the staff of the electrical group on behalf of tie Niu and Xu Kai were about to get on the locomotive

“can’t go up!” The two men’s actions were just seen by Liang Jingtao, the workshop director who was inspecting the scene

“director Liang, 1 just get on the car to get my tools. 1t’s less than a minute.” Dai Tieniu said quickly

“don’t say one minute, even one second. Locomotive aisle is not only narrow, but also dark, it is easy to touch the head. We can’t make fun of life. We have to wear safety helmets. ” Liang Jingtao said firmly

Dai Tieniu put on his safety helmet and prepared to get on the locomotive according to the regulations. Liang Jingtao also told him: “be sure to fasten the safety belt on the safety helmet.”

after he got back the tools and got off the bus, Liang Jingtao said: “guys, 1 know it’s a short time to get on the bus and get the tools, but we can’t violate the safety regulations just because it’s a short time! Don’t look down on this helmet. 1t’s the “protector” in our work. Wearing it is responsible for our own lives. “

after listening to Liang Jingtao’s words, Dai Tieniu and Xu kaihong blushed and said, “please don’t worry, director. We will strictly abide by the rules and regulations when we work in the future.”

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