Xiangyang locomotive depot regional safety special rectification to ensure the safety of one party

“When carrying out locomotive servicing operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the traffic of adjacent lines; 1t is strictly forbidden to carry out locomotive servicing under the section insulator and catenary terminal mark; Recently, Guo Xingguo, the regional director of Xiangyang East servicing yard of Xiangyang locomotive depot of Wuhan Railway Bureau, reminded the operators to pay attention to labor safety at the roll call meeting

in the spring, due to the “spring sleepiness”, the operators are not concentrated, and the probability of violating labor safety rules and regulations increases, which poses a threat to personal safety. The leading group of this section held a special meeting to analyze the current labor safety situation, find out the problems existing in labor safety management and on-site operation, and deploy a special safety rectification plan. Combined with the operation characteristics of each post, they divided the general operation area, crew operation area, operation area of each reservoir area, operation area of each servicing field of internal power, defined 29 renovation projects and “four major areas” renovation leaders, refined each project renovation plan, refined control points of each operation link, and strengthened on-site operation card control

at present, 22 problems of unsafe operation conditions, unsafe operation links and unsafe operation equipment that endanger labor safety have been found in this section of “four regions”, all of which have been rectified in time

on this basis, a special inspection team at the level of section and workshop has been set up in this section to track and inspect the key renovation projects in each area and spot check the operation conditions of employees, so as to prevent problems from rebounding and ensure the safety of each operation area

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