Xianli functional fabric is famous at home and abroad

after a piece of fabric is seriously deformed and fixed, it will automatically return to its original shape when exposed to the sun. Recently, in Xianli company, Shi Rongji, chairman of the board, demonstrated the shape memory fabric developed and produced by Xianli company” There is no difference between this fabric and ordinary fabric on the surface, but it has the function of shape memory

in 2007, Xianli company was just established in Shishi, which is a professional agent of high-end fashion fabrics in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. As a result of honest management and practical work, the company has won the trust of many well-known brand clothing enterprises inside and outside the province. The next year, with years of shopping experience and sensitivity to the fabric market, the company felt that the R & D and production of functional fabrics had a broad market prospect at home and abroad. As a result, he made a decision to invest in the research and development and production of functional fabrics, and worked closely with Japanese technical consultants and professionals from Europe and Taiwan to make great efforts on functional fabrics

Kung Fu is worthy of those who are willing to do it. 1n the past two years, Xianli company has developed functional environment-friendly fabrics such as shape memory, bamboo charcoal fiber, washed retro, metal wire, etc., realizing the hand-in-hand of “clothing” and “function”. Mr. Shi said that as soon as the fabrics were launched, they were sought after by the domestic and foreign markets, and showed an optimistic sales situation that supply exceeded demand

Author: Zhou Jinwen

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