Xiaoshan shoe enterprises export to deal with “invisible killer” of excessive hexavalent chromium

Due to the problem of hexavalent chromium exceeding the standard, two batches of safety shoes in Shandong were reported by France. This year, the European Union’s rapid warning system for non food consuming commodities has issued 11 leather products notifications, including 9 footwear notifications, 7 of which are made of leather with hexavalent chromium content exceeding 3ppm. This is not only a test, but also a promotion for more than 170 footwear export enterprises in Xiaoshan

the export risk of shoe enterprises is increasing

hexavalent chromium is an ingestion poison / inhalation extreme poison. Skin contact may lead to sensitivity, more likely to cause genetic defects, inhalation may cause cancer, and has long-term risk to the environment. 1n December 2011, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) approved the new version of safety shoes standard eniso20345:2011, the content of hexavalent chromium is not more than 3ppm. The regulation came into effect in June 2012

“these two shoe circulars certainly have a great impact on Xiaoshan shoe export enterprises.” Tong Lanying, director of animal and plant division of Xiaoshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau, told reporters that there are many shoe export enterprises in Xiaoshan, but there are problems of small scale, low unit price and low quality. Some production enterprises even stay in the stage of family workshop, which directly increases the risk of shoe quality control. 1n particular, hexavalent chromium exceeds the standard and has become a big “invisible killer” of footwear export

Tong Lanying said that after August 15 last year, shoes exports can be declared for export without inspection, and the risk coefficient will be even greater. 1n the past, before the shoes were exported, the fabrics needed to be inspected by Xiaoshan inspection and quarantine department. Only after they were qualified, the enterprise would start production. Once the fabrics were unqualified, they would call back to the supplier directly. However, after the cancellation of inspection, shoes can be exported directly without inspection. 1f the enterprises export shoes directly, they will face the loss of return or even direct destruction in the exporting country

the inspection and Quarantine Department of our region specially reminds that the EU’s limit requirements for hexavalent chromium must be made clear for footwear export, especially for Germany and other countries with concentrated notification. At the same time, strengthen the detection of hexavalent chromium content in leather raw materials, strictly monitor the environmental factors of storage and transportation of raw materials and finished products, so as to avoid trivalent chromium being oxidized into hexavalent chromium. 1n addition, the detection of hexavalent chromium content in safety shoes should also be strengthened to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the new EU safety shoes standard

“self pressure” initiative inspection

recently, the workshop of Hangzhou Tongyun Shoes Co., Ltd. is rushing to make a batch of single shoe orders involving more than 100000 US dollars. After this batch of orders are completed, they will be shipped to the United States. However, they need to go to another place – the testing agency – before they can ship to the United States

“we have introduced a third-party testing agency to test some chemical and physical items, including whether chromium exceeds the standard.” Therefore, even if the shoes are no longer included in the scope of inspection, enterprises do not need to worry about quality problems and refund the order, Tao Li, a staff member of Tongyun shoes industry, told reporters. 1n fact, every single shoe export, they will be so tested, but also according to the different requirements of customers to test the corresponding items. And last year, Tongyun shoe industry also specially introduced its own testing equipment to detect whether the lead content exceeds the standard. Because of layers of checks, the export of Tongyun footwear industry also achieved a steady growth in the first quarter, with an export of 1.4 million US dollars from January to February

Zhejiang Shandi import and Export Co., Ltd., which exports craft shoes, also sends the exported shoes to a third-party testing agency for testing” 1f customers have requirements, we will test according to customers’ requirements. 1f there are no specific requirements, we will process according to industry standards and national standards. ” Liu Yangbin, a person related to the company, said that in short, we will not wait until there are problems after export to solve them, but quality control will be carried out in advance. Every order will be tested before export

just like this, the export of Xiaoshan shoe enterprises has effectively dealt with the “invisible killer” of excessive hexavalent chromium. Since the cancellation of shoes inspection, there has not been a reported case of hexavalent chromium exceeding the standard in our district.

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