Xining rectification of “Jun” brand shoes and clothing products

when you go shopping on a regular day, you can’t avoid seeing some small shops in the corner of the street, which are selling some camouflage clothes, military shoes and so on. Recently, in order to strengthen the management of military uniform and maintain the specificity and seriousness of military uniform, Xishi began to focus on the rectification of shoe and clothing stores with the names of “military supplies” and “military products”

the staff of Chengzhong District 1ndustrial and Commercial Branch Bureau said that in the future, they will carry out comprehensive rectification on all the inspected business behaviors with the words of “Quartermaster”, “military uniform”, “military products” and other plaques or propaganda terms, and require the stores not to sell goods with the same name, logo, specification, color and style as military products. Sales of imitation military and Police shoes, military coats, camouflage clothing and other military supplies are required to be removed within a time limit. During the inspection, the law enforcement officers temporarily detained imitation military uniforms, military hats, military pillows and some imitation military supplies

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