Xinjiang Hami eye wash industry promotes industrial restructuring

1t is reported that the desktop eyewash industry promotes industrial restructuring. This year and next, the chemical industry to resolve overcapacity planning and work program will be introduced. Jiang Jian, director of the Petrochemical Department of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the meeting that the Ministry of industry and information technology attached great importance to the problem of overcapacity and introduced many policies and measures, but the local governments and enterprises did not implement them in place. Desktop eyewash industry pointed out that the phenomenon of blind impulse to compete for chemical projects is still very prominent. Many industry access conditions issued by the government have not been implemented, and some regions even blindly build new projects in spite of the national requirements of emphasizing environmental protection and effective utilization of resources. For example, some local governments did not strictly implement the access conditions for calcium carbide industry, and illegally approved and filed new projects, resulting in some new projects failing to meet the access requirements; Some places even illegally approve new internal combustion furnaces, or split a project into several projects for approval and filing

resolving the contradiction of overcapacity is the focus of this year’s industrial restructuring, and it is also a long-term task. The whole industry should earnestly implement the requirements of “respecting the law, implementing policies according to different industries, working in multiple ways, and treating both the symptoms and the root causes” put forward by the central government, and do a good job in three aspects: first, actively resolve the contradiction of overcapacity. Desktop eyewash industry pointed out that by limiting a number of new expansion capacity, resolutely eliminating a number of, optimizing a number of, and transferring a number of excess capacity and other means, supplemented by necessary economic and administrative measures, such as formulating differential water price and electricity price policies, increasing the operating cost of backward capacity, and so on, the disorderly expansion of capacity can be strictly controlled. Desktop eyewash industry pointed out that the second is to form a new power of innovation driven industrial transformation and upgrading

focus on the development and promotion of high-efficiency utilization technology of inferior resources such as medium and low-grade chemical ore and heavy oil, focus on the breakthrough and development of high-performance and low-cost manufacturing technology of bulk synthetic materials and key synthetic materials, as well as the development of preparation technology of high-end new chemical materials such as special engineering plastics, membrane materials, carbon fiber and aramid special fiber, fluorosilicone new materials, etc, We will accelerate the industrial transfer to the high end of the global industrial chain and improve the core competitiveness of the industry. Desktop eyewash industry pointed out that the third is to promote green, circular and low-carbon development of the industry. Desktop eyewash industry pointed out that we should strengthen the research on major environmental problems of mercury pollution, phosphogypsum, chromium slag, PM2.5, volatile organic compounds and other industries, and actively promote the scientific and standardized development of chemical industry park. 1ndustries with prominent overcapacity and large backward capacity will be included in the national plan to eliminate backward capacity, and the task of eliminating backward capacity will be broken down annually

the desktop eyewash industry pointed out that the government departments will take the lead in solving the problem of overcapacity, further understand and analyze the actual situation of chemical industry capacity, formulate scientific and reasonable policies, and thoroughly solve the problem of overcapacity

in view of the urgency and arduousness of promoting industrial restructuring and resolving the contradiction of overcapacity, the desktop eyewash industry pointed out that the key backbone enterprises, research institutes, professional associations, local associations and senior experts in the industry further unified their understanding, and strengthened their confidence in solving the contradiction of overcapacity and finding a scientific development path

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