Xinxiang Power Supply Company: small invention brings big security

on November 14, the author came to the 110kV Wenzhuang substation of Xinxiang Power Supply Company and saw that the maintenance personnel were wearing a new type of gloves, which was dexterous and convenient when carrying out various work. After understanding, it is known that this is a “new type of induction electric protective gloves”. 1n the maintenance and test of power equipment, there are many problems in the work gloves of maintenance and test personnel. Work gloves are made of cotton and canvas. Although they are comfortable to wear, they are precise and wear-resistant. However, due to the high risk of power maintenance and test work, it does not have high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic, electrical insulation and other properties, and can not guarantee the personal safety of the staff. Especially in the first and second part of the power cut equipment to remove the lead and test, the hand will inevitably touch the metal object, still subject to the attack of induced electricity, resulting in high-altitude fall. The insulating gloves for live working are made of natural rubber, which have the advantages of electricity resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, and play a role in protecting human body. But its volume, thickness and hardness are large, fingers can not be flexible to use, grasp the object is not accurate, resulting in low efficiency

in view of the above two situations, the inductive protective gloves developed by the substation maintenance department of Xinxiang Power Supply Company fully consider the respective advantages of cotton spinning, canvas material work gloves and rubber insulating gloves, and integrate the two together. 1t adopts three-layer structure of cotton spinning, canvas soft copper mesh cotton spinning and canvas. There is a copper box at the end of the glove, in which there is 6m copper wire, which is connected with the copper wire mesh of the glove interlayer. When working, the copper wire is pulled out for grounding. 1n case of “induced electricity” attack, the induced current will flow out through the copper wire net, no longer through the human body, so as to avoid the attack of induced electricity. The induction electric protective gloves are suitable for both the ground and the operation of ladder and engineering vehicle

the seemingly safe substation outage maintenance and test work, in fact, the safety risk is very high” The successful development of “new induction electric protective gloves” ensures the personal safety of on-site maintenance and testing personnel, improves the work efficiency, shortens the outage time, and realizes the safety, high quality and high efficiency of power production

“new type induction electric protective gloves” has obvious effect in practical work, and has been officially reported to the State Patent Office

by Wang Lei and Zhang Wei

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