Yaguang: strictly implement the standard to build an aircraft carrier of towel industry

Yang Donghui, vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Association and President of China Home Textile 1ndustry Association, mentioned Shandong Binzhou Yaguang towel Co., Ltd. more than once on many occasions” What’s more, Yaguang can grasp the market and make good products. ” This is one of Yang Donghui’s comments on Yaguang

ensuring quality with standards

“for any enterprise, product quality is the foundation of survival and the touchstone of whether the enterprise is really fulfilling its social responsibility.” Wang Xingming, deputy general manager of Yaguang, said that if enterprises want to maintain sustainable development in the fierce market competition, rather than a flash in the pan, they must pay close attention to quality

in terms of product quality, there has always been such an equation – â€?100-1 = – 0, that is to say, one out of 100 products has quality problems, and all achievements can only be equal to zero” President Yang Donghui once said that for enterprises, the number of batches with problems may be only one in ten thousand, or even less than one in ten thousand. Even many excellent enterprises have only one in a million batches of problem products, but for every consumer, it is 100% when it comes to the top. ” Wang Xingming very much agrees with this sentence

“in order to establish a sense of serving consumers, we should always think about consumers. What can we do? The fundamental point is the implementation of standards. ” Wang Xingming believes that if there is a problem in one batch, it is equal to 100% of the “hit rate”. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to ensure that its products are safe and responsible to consumers, it is necessary to produce them in strict accordance with the standards. 1n October 2009, the leaders of Wal Mart headquarters came to Yaguang company and presented the outstanding supplier trophy of 2008 to Yaguang. 1n addition, they also visited the exhibition center, logistics center and technology center of Yaguang company and gave high evaluation to the rapid development of Yaguang

“the quality of a product depends on the intention of the producer.” Wang Xingming said that this is also a matter of attitude. Consumers are the driving force to support the survival and development of enterprises. Only by paying enough attention to every consumer can enterprises have a long-term foothold

five measures to ensure quality

Yaguang’s achievements are not out of thin air, and the strict implementation of standards is only one aspect. Wang Xingming said that Yaguang’s products were strictly controlled from the raw materials until the finished products entered the market. He introduced five aspects for enterprises to ensure product quality

grasp the source. Starting from the purchase of raw materials, brand enterprises to produce, first of all from the upstream enterprises to buy Fabrics. Although fabric enterprises will provide home textile enterprises with a test report, but as a brand enterprise, it should regularly and strictly carry out inspection, do not miss a batch, and establish a reliable supplier system, so as to ensure the quality of the final products

grab the head. To carry out TQM, enterprises can learn from advanced countries and enterprises and carry out QC group activities. At the same time, to really pay attention to the whole staff, we must do it in a down-to-earth way, and ensure that every member of the enterprise has a sense of quality

grasp the foundation. From the production process to equipment and process reengineering, enterprises should pay attention to the most basic place and the whole process. Only by implementing fine management can enterprises avoid quality problems

grasp the standard. Now in the process of product development, new raw materials, new technology continue to appear, new products also continue to appear. 1n the implementation of product standards, especially in the description of functional standards, Yaguang must be practical and realistic, not exaggerate the product function, and be responsible to consumers. What’s more, it is the most important factor to implement the standards in an all-out and meticulous way. Grasping the standard, for Yaguang, emphasizes the implementation of the standard

grasp detection. Detection is the eye of matte for product production. How can the product know its good or bad? There is only one answer, and that is detection. We should pay attention to the inspection in the production process. How can we guarantee the quality of the products from raw materials to the final products? We have to pass the enterprise’s own testing or the third party’s testing. Only through this process can we feel at ease when the products are sold to the market

in accordance with this strict control of product quality, the market of Yaguang’s products is expanding. At present, Yaguang has set up a branch in the United States, and in the financial crisis, the hygroscopic quick drying towel developed by Yaguang also achieved great success in the U.S. market. Wang Xingming said that at present, Yaguang has become the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the towel sub Technical Committee of the national home textile Standardization Technical Committee, which endows Yaguang with more responsibilities in the aspects of standard implementation, participation in formulation, and its own product innovation. What Yaguang has to do is to guarantee the quality as always and let consumers rest assured

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