Yan’an: it’s worrying not to wear safety belt in high altitude construction

“1’m too scared. The people watching are very worried. The roof of Yan’an Branch of China Unicom is under construction. A seven or eight meter high shelf has been erected on the roof. The shelf is more than 20 meters high on the ground. The workers work on the shelf on the roof. There are no protective measures such as safety helmet, safety rope and protective net. 1f they step on it carelessly, it will become a safety accident, and the consequences are unimaginable.” On the morning of March 22, some people reported to the Sanqin Metropolis Daily

after hearing this news, the reporter immediately rushed to the downstairs of China Unicom Yan’an Branch, which is located at the intersection of Shuangyong Avenue and Unicom Avenue in Yan’an City. See Unicom’s top four or five workers are tense construction, did not take any safety measures. The reporter came to the business hall and asked about the relevant matters. He was told that the person in charge was not in at the end of this week, and the roof construction belonged to the engineering department. They were not clear about the specific situation and could not contact the person in charge

then, Ms. Yang, who claimed to be a staff member of China Unicom, contacted our reporter and said, “after you have finished talking about the situation, we have asked the construction unit to stop work. Now they have done all the safety measures well. You can go and have a look.” The reporter returned to the Unicom building again and saw that the workers were wearing safety helmets and safety ropes in the operation. The reporter was also relieved to see that the construction party had taken protective measures

yesterday morning, when the reporter passed the building of China Unicom, he saw that the workers were busy with their work. They were wearing safety helmets, but they did not have safety ropes and protective nets. 1t was worrying that the protective measures were not perfect

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