Yan Laomo’s “Yan Zijing”

One day in May, three new employees who came to the power transmission station of Qujing Power Supply Bureau in Yunnan rarely saw anyone in a week. Yao Yongwang, Secretary of the power transmission station, was very puzzled about this. Did these new employees dare to leave work secretly soon after they arrived at the Department? So 1 inquired around all the teams and groups. 1t turned out that all this was the “ghost” of Yan Guangqiang, the monitor of the third power transmission class

as a model worker in Yunnan Province, Yan Guangqiang suddenly thought of three new employees who were lack of technology and experience when he saw that there was little line work in the power transmission station recently, so he “secretly” led them to the Delixi training center of the power transmission station and started the skill training for the daily business of the power transmission station. Although the three new employees learned from others, master Yan decided to impart his skills to them in order to enable them to work independently as soon as possible

just like his name, Yan Laomo is famous for “strict” in his work. Over the years, he has also practiced a “strict” work book, and his highly responsible sense of responsibility has been highly praised by leaders and colleagues. Of course, in this training, new employees are also strictly required

the whole training involves the use of safety belts, foot buckles, climbing boards, the implementation of safety measures against falling from height and other daily business skills of the transmission line class. The strict model workers demonstrate one action at a time in the scorching sun, and then guide and standardize the actions of new employees hand in hand. 1n the process of training, after checking the wires used for on-site training, Yan Laomo also directly used local materials and began to teach new employees to wind pre twisted wires, and took this opportunity to repair these short strands of pre twisted wires, so as to ensure the safety of line workers’ skill training in the future

“this kind of small problem is often not observed, or even ignored, and the strict labor model is always strict with these big hidden dangers.” Wang Kehong, who trained new people with Yan Laomo that day, said. 1t is under the implementation of “Yan Zijing” of Yan Laomo that the senior transmission line workers account for 90% of the 9-member team, and three technicians and one “young post expert” of China Southern Power Grid Corporation have been trained successively. The team has also been commended as Qujing bureau “four-star” team, the national power industry excellent QC group. Without exception, all the apprentices have learned the strict and pragmatic spirit of Yan Shi. Now they are all based on their own jobs step by step and continue to shine for the development of the enterprise

in addition to “strict” in skills training, it is also strict in daily work. Over the past 20 years, the intact rate of poles and towers maintained by Yan Shi 1nstitute ranks the first in the 1nstitute, and the lines under its jurisdiction have never been abnormal or attempted. Although the top model aura, but never complacent, but has been devoted to their work; Whenever a new line is completed and accepted, he carefully checks every foundation, every screw, and every tower climbs to the top of the tower to check the wires and fittings, so as to avoid any potential safety hazard after the line is put into operation

he once served as the leader of the second construction team of 110kV Jiantian line 1 and 11. Under the conditions of tight time, heavy task, high construction standard and great difficulty, he effectively arranged and carefully organized, breaking the new record of Qujing Power Supply Bureau in completing a transmission and transformation project within 147 days. 1n 2013, during the insulator replacement work of rhodamine 1 circuit, the road was muddy and accidentally sprained to the foot. But as the person in charge of the work, Yan Shi went to battle with injuries and insisted on working for a day with foot injuries, but he didn’t fall behind in any work he should do. 1nspired by the spirit of strict labor model, the team members completed the insulator replacement work quickly and efficiently in advance

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