Yangxin fire equipment construction

Recently, the Yangxin county public security fire brigade spent 900 thousand yuan on the purchase of a 25 ton Tianhe brand foam water tank fire truck, speeding up the construction of fire vehicle equipment, and improving the ability of fire brigade to fight, rescue and deal with all kinds of calamities and accidents. The

heavy foam water tank fire truck, which uses the heavy truck chassis, has strong horsepower, and the fire pump flow is 80L/S. The vehicle is also equipped with multi-function remote-control water cannon, with an effective range of more than 70 meters; Double row seats are used in the cab, which makes up for the lack of military transport capacity of high-power fire engines; Many details of the vehicle optimization, parts upgrade, while improving the performance of the vehicle, making it more conducive to actual combat needs. After the vehicles are in place, the brigade selects excellent drivers to learn the vehicle performance, technical parameters, emergency disposal, daily maintenance and other conditions in detail under the guidance of technical personnel, so as to ensure that the vehicles are in good condition

the new car equipment has effectively promoted the leapfrog development of the equipment construction of the grass-roots Squadron, optimized the equipment structure, alleviated the contradiction between the increasingly heavy fire protection and fire rescue tasks and the lack of existing equipment, and created a good fire safety environment for serving the economic and social development and protecting the people’s living and working in peace

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