Yangzhou urban and Rural Development Bureau walks into “12345” to “brush” safety helmet on construction site

Recently, the responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of urban and rural development went to the “12345” hotline to exchange views with the public on such topics as the wages of migrant workers and the construction safety of construction sites

current situation: the wage arrears of migrant workers are mainly “historical accounts”

“the wage disputes of Yangzhou construction migrant workers are mainly some historical problems accumulated in previous years. 1n recent years, the overall situation is good. ” Cheng ziyong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of construction engineering, said that at present, wage disputes mainly occur in some small construction enterprises, subcontracting and affiliated construction enterprises. These enterprises fail to remit wages to migrant workers’ wage cards in time according to regulations. Secondly, they have not signed employment contracts with migrant workers or signed contracts. The expression is not clear, and there are loopholes, causing disputes

“starting from September this year, we investigated the wage payment of migrant workers on construction sites, and then held a forum to make targeted deployment and rectification for the problems found in the inspection. 1n the future, we will further strengthen the supervision of migrant workers’ wages, so that construction migrant workers can get their hard-earned money in time. ” Cheng ziyong said

fresh: do not swipe the safety helmet when entering the construction site

the “12.1” catastrophic accident in Jiangxi Province has aroused the attention of the society to the construction safety of construction projects. How about Yangzhou

Yangzhou has been paying constant attention to the construction safety alarm” 1n recent years, our city adheres to standardized construction and production, pays attention to daily inspection and supervision, checks construction safety and electricity safety, finds problems and hidden dangers, and immediately rectifies them. 1n recent years, there have been no major accidents at construction sites in our city, and work safety has remained stable. ” Construction Department comrades said

“at present, large-scale construction enterprises in Yangzhou pay more attention to safety production. Some enterprises have set up access control systems at entrances and exits to prevent non construction personnel from entering the construction site at will. The access control system does not brush cards, but safety helmets with their own identity information.” Comrades from the Construction Department said that at present, the practice of “brushing” safety helmets is being promoted in the whole city

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