yarn rising! Cotton yarn c-position coming out, rising pace closely following polyester

Looking back over the past month, the price rise of polyester can be said to be a knife hanging over the head of the cloth owner. What’s more, there has been two consecutive rises in a day

the upstream polyester is rising so crazy, so hot, but what about the downstream polyester grey cloth? The increase is far behind that of raw materials

generally speaking, polyester rose by 1500 yuan / ton, grey cloth rose by 0.1-0.2 yuan / meter, but now the raw material rose by nearly 3000 yuan / ton, grey cloth only rose so much, and the profit can be imagined

at the same time, a kind of raw material keeps up with the rising pace of polyester. 1n the first week of “Jinjiu”, the first wave of trading limit was opened

on Septembe3, the contract price of 1810 cotton yarn in Zhengzhou rose by 1055 yuan per ton at the end of the market

is it unexpected? Surprise or not? What are the reasons behind the cotton yarn trading limit


the peak season of cotton yarn demand is coming

at present, the number of warehouse receipts of Zhengzhou cotton yarn futures is insufficient. Considering that the delivery standard of cotton yarn futures is relatively strict, especially the requirements for cotton yarn strength, three silk and other indicators are strict, there is a great uncertainty in the registration of warehouse receipts of cotton yarn futures. What needs more attention from the market is that all cotton yarn futures warehouse receipts need to be cancelled in October

comprehensive analysis can draw the conclusion that in the short term, the number of warehouse receipts of Zhengzhou cotton yarn futures is not enough, and the probability of large-scale generation in the future is relatively low. Compared with other bulk varieties, the price of cotton yarn futures is relatively light, and the frequency of large-scale price fluctuation increases with the slight capital inflow and amplification of trading volume


great changes have taken place in the peripheral environment of cotton yarn Market

since September, many textile enterprises have reported that yarn “rising” has sounded


great changes have taken place in the peripheral environment of the cotton yarn market, which has brought a new rising imagination to the price of the cotton yarn market. 1n particular, the price of PTA has increased by more than 50% recently, which has led to the price increase effect in the chemical fiber market. For example, the recent cumulative increase of polyester filament with strong substitution for cotton yarn has reached more than 3000 yuan / ton

according to the business personnel of a large cotton yarn trading company in Ningbo, the supply source of 32 pieces of cotton yarn is really limited. 1f you look for goods at the price of 24500 yuan / ton, you may not be able to purchase them. However, if the price of 25500 yuan / ton or more is used to purchase 32 pieces of high configuration cotton yarn, there are many sources of goods that can be purchased. 1t is understood that the delivery quality of high configuration 32 cotton yarn and Zhengzhou Futures cotton yarn is not much worse. At present, most of the 32 high configuration cotton yarns circulating in the spot market are from Xinjiang

in addition, the textile enterprises in Hebei and Shandong reported that the price of pure cotton yarn increased as a whole in the near future. As of Septembe4, the prices of 21s, 32S and 40s in a factory in Shandong Province were 21800 yuan / ton, 24300 yuan / ton and 25300 yuan / ton respectively, up 50 yuan / ton, 50 yuan / ton and 100 yuan / ton respectively compared with August 31. At present, the enterprise produces at full capacity, and the order status is acceptable. 1n addition, the price increase of combed yarn is slightly better than that of plain combed yarn. At the same time, the price of low count yarn increased slightly. As of Septembe4, Hebei jet spinning oe10s price 14600 yuan / ton line, manufacturers said that recent orders change little, prices remain stable

according to the feedback of manufacturers, on the one hand, the price rise is due to the fact that orders are really improving. September is the traditional peak season, with some large manufacturers’ orders coming one after another, and the haze is gradually dispersing. On the other hand, the raw materials from upstream are rising. With the reserve cotton round coming to an end, it will take a long time for new cotton to go on the market. Textile enterprises speed up bidding for reserve cotton in the near future, which not only increases the transaction rate, but also increases the price


polyester yarn prices also continue to rise. 1t is understood that polyester yarn has increased by more than 1000 yuan / ton since the beginning of August. The recent rise is weak, but the overall rising trend remains unchanged. Analysis of the reasons: first, the upstream raw materials rose sharply. According to the data, as of August 31, the average price of PTA was 9245 yuan / ton, up 41.12% on a month on month basis and 75.22% on a year-on-year basis. Affected by this, polyester filament and staple fiber rose sharply, with an increase of 2000 yuan / ton in just over one month. Second, polyester yarn has a large profit margin, and sales orders are acceptable, which also paves the way for price rise

polyester yarn in the future may stabilize its stagflation. Reasons:

first, after a round of soaring, PTA and polyester staple fiber have been in a state of fatigue in the near future, and are expected to maintain stable operation in the near future

secondly, according to many textile enterprises, due to the rapid rise of raw materials, the profits of enterprises have been greatly reduced, but the enterprises have limited production and stopped production to cope with the profit pressure brought by the rise of raw materials. Even some enterprises are on the verge of loss, which will restrain the polyester market to a certain extent


rayon yarn also began to rise. Recently, rayon yarn said better, prices rose faster. As of Septembe4, the price of 10s rayon yarn of a factory in Jiangsu was 17600 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton from August 31; The price of 20s was 18400 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton from August 31. According to the analysis, the main reason is that the price of viscose staple fiber has risen rapidly recently. The market believes that a new round of viscose staple fiber rise has just started, and the recent price rise may continue. Therefore, cotton yarn or will maintain a rising trend

at present, the orders and product sales of downstream weaving factories and garment factories are not very good. For weaving factories and garment factories, the peak demand season is still early, and some weaving factories and garment factories do not understand the rise of cotton yarn prices

the price of cotton yarn has increased a little, but not much

recently, the price of cotton yarn has increased, most varieties have increased by several hundred or so, and it is expected to rise again in the future. When asked about the reason for the price increase, most enterprises say that it is still the cost factor, the price of raw materials of cotton yarn has increased, so the natural price of cotton yarn will go up. So, as a downstream product of cotton yarn, does the price of grey cotton fabric go up

Wujiang nengchen warp knitted knitwear mainly deals in warp knitted products. Manager Wang of the company said that the order receiving situation of grey cotton fabric this year is not as good as that of last year. The main reason is that we don’t have any competitiveness in cotton production and can’t compare with Shandong, so the price doesn’t dare to go up much. 1n the case of reaching an agreement with customers, it goes up a little bit

“our company is mainly engaged in trade, mainly involving polyester filament and rayon, viscose series of raw materials; At present, there is little difference between the order price of rayon and that of last year, the profit point is not high, and the orders of running volume are less than 1 yuan. Polyester fabric prices rise too fast, to a certain extent, will cause downstream customers to transfer orders, such as transfer to rayon, rayon and so on, but there is not much good support for its price. ” Manager Lao of Suzhou Chensheng Textile Technology Co., Ltd. sighed


recently, what Xiaobian heard seems to be rising. The rising of polyester industry chain has a certain impact on cotton yarn. On the first day of the first week of September, cotton yarn futures 1810 ushered in a rising limit, and cotton yarn prices rose. However, the prices of downstream cotton grey fabrics are as difficult to rise as chemical fiber fabrics, and even the rise can not keep up with the rise of raw materials, Will this year’s “golden nine” come as promised, and let boss Bu make a lot of money? Let’s look forward to it ~

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