Yaxing creates an international brand of professional tooling

personage name card:

Hu Xiongwei, general manager

Yaxing Trading Co., Ltd.

City: Keqiao District, Shaoxing City

personage sketch:

he grew up in a pile of cloth. He could pack cloth when he was eight or nine years old. After graduating from University, he inherited his family business and became a cloth merchant

this young man born in the family of Yueqing businessmen in Wenzhou has something to say about family business: parents should not force their children, but show their own way to their children and let them choose for themselves; What parents leave behind should not only be wealth, but also a large-scale management system and healthy corporate culture

and all he has to do is leave these for his son

Wan Jing chat room:

Q: as a pioneer in Shaoxing, 1 have been in contact with this industry since childhood. What can 1 share with us

A: 1 went to Russia once and bought some BlackBerry tea. When 1 bought this tea, our tour guide (a Chinese student) said such a sentence, which impressed me deeply. She said that Russian businessmen never cheat and dare not cheat because quality inspection is very strict. Once found, they can’t afford to pay the fine. Another time, a Japanese customer asked me if there would be any defects in our products. 1 took him to the workshop to have a look. As long as our fabrics are in the production process from raw materials, weaving, dyeing to acceptance, there are staff to monitor and control the whole process all the time. Therefore, to be a conscientious product and have credibility is my experience

Q: if your product is positioned at the middle and high end, it means the loss of price advantage. How do you ensure your competitive advantage in Shaoxing, where the competition is so fierce

A: we do market segmentation, and our products are mainly professional clothing and tooling, which bypasses many competitors. At the same time, we have high quality requirements, especially for functional fabrics of special types of work, such as flame retardant fabrics for fire-fighting clothing, alkali and acid resistant fabrics for steelmaking workers’ work clothes, and Antistatic Fabrics for coal miners’ professional wear. What’s more, we have invested a lot in R & D and quality supervision. But every cent is worth it. Maybe our fabric is not the cheapest in the market, but 1 can guarantee that it will be the most cost-effective in the market

Q: “fighting tiger is like fighting brother, fighting father and son”. Wenzhou has always had the tradition of family business. What do you think of the family business you inherited

A: employment is the culture of an enterprise. A large number of talents are needed for the construction of management system and the connection of various departments. When enterprises employ people, they should be virtuous, not pro. As long as they are talents, they can be executives. There are so-called “outsiders” in all departments of our company

core view:

brand is the core of enterprise development

once, there were two ways in front of Yaxing company: positioning in the high-end, creating a brand, which also means the loss of price advantage; Or the sales volume is the king, and the price war will be fought to win with low price. Just as it used to be the first time that China’s Textile City market started to do bulk spot trade, this time, Yaxing company chose to eat crabs: it was the first clothing fabric brand in China’s Textile City market

in the first two years of the brand, in the words of Hu Xiongwei’s mother, it was “eating with tears”, and it was very hard. But just as the plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold, the persistence of Yaxing company also makes it fragrant in this economic winter. 1n 2005, “Yaxing” was officially registered as a brand. 1n 2011, the parallel brand “mikesta” began to be established. Compared with the domestic sales of “Yaxing”, mikesta mainly focuses on foreign markets. Since then, the company’s structure has become more harmonious, and it has begun to walk on two legs, with more steady and steady steps. Now, in China, besides Taiwan and Tibet, the customers of “Asia Star” are blooming everywhere; Abroad, mikosta is located in South America, Asia and Europe

“if you want to find high-quality tooling fabrics, you can go to Yaxing company.” This word of mouth among customers is the pride of Hu Xiongwei. 1n 2011, the success of participating in the evaluation of “China Textile City famous firm” has given Hu Xiongwei more confidence in brand promotion

“the development of a company is like the growth of a tree. 1t’s natural for a company to take root and blossom and bear fruit.” Brand is like the flower and fruit of a tree. Hu Xiongwei attributes it to the feeling brought about by the combination of quality, reputation and service” Quality assurance, echelon construction of talent team, and continuous improvement of management system are the first half of the brand road of Yaxing company. 1n the next year or two, Yaxing company will promote its brand and start its brand. ” As an SLR enthusiast, Hu Xiongwei’s dream is to build “yasing” into an international hard brand in the field of professional clothing and tooling, “just like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax in the field of SLR cameras.”

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