Yingke medical intends to invest 1 billion yuan in the construction of high-end medical gloves project

Yingke medical announced at noon on October 16 that it plans to acquire new industrial land in Wuhu modern industrial park, Suixi County, Anhui Province, for the construction of high-end medical gloves project, and signed a letter of intent for investment in high-end medical gloves project with the local government on October 16

according to the introduction, the planned land of the project is at the intersection of Haitang Road West and Yinhua road in Wuhu modern industrial park, Suixi, with a land area of about 600 mu. 1t is expected to build a high-end medical glove project with an annual output of 28 billion pieces (28 million boxes). The total investment of the project is not less than 1 billion yuan, and the construction period is expected to be 2-3 years

inkco medical said that the new land acquisition for the construction of high-end medical gloves project is conducive to the long-term and sustainable development of the company, further improving the company’s performance and consolidating the company’s position in the industry, which will produce good economic and social benefits

at the same time, Yingke medical also pointed out that the investment intention agreement signed this time is an intention agreement, and the specific situation of the project construction, the rights and obligations of both parties, and the liability for breach of contract are not clear, so it needs to be agreed through the subsequent signing of a formal agreement, and the formal agreement still needs to carry out feasibility demonstration, and must be deliberated and approved by the board of directors or the general meeting of shareholders according to its authority

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