You can’t wear gas mask and glasses at the same time

Recently, the cover of Fang Datong’s new album has been exposed for the first time. Fang Datong is wearing his trademark black frame glasses, gas mask and Sherlock Holmes hat, with a mysterious look. This cover coincides with the hot topic of “haze” in the whole country recently, and netizens all forward their praise: “Datong is really a” divine prediction “this time! 1t’s very suitable for Beijing. Can you send it by post, pro? ” There are also enthusiastic fans who popularize knowledge for everyone, saying that “you can’t wear gas masks and glasses at the same time.”

after more than a year’s absence from the music world, Fang Datong not only took the role of director in the main song MV “dangerous world”, but also made his own visual arrangements for the album. When talking about the overall concept of the new album, Fang Datong said frankly that the reason why he extended the inspiration of the gas mask was that the shape was very close to the theme of the album: “1 think the cover vision is also a kind of creative space, and 1 hope to express specific topics.” Fang Datong also said that in this crisis ridden world, he hopes to use this album to remind people to “protect the most important things in their hearts”: “while bringing bold and avant-garde visual impact, it can also make people reflect.”

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